This popular actress made an outrageous statement about preborn babies that will make your head spin

Photo by De'Andre Bush from Unsplash

One famous actress decided to speak out on the abortion debate knowing her words have weight with impressionable young girls.

But when she released her shocking op-ed – it wasn’t what anyone expected.

And once you hear her outrageous comment about preborn babies it will make your head spin.

Sophia Bush loves abortion

Actress Sophia Bush has long been an outspoken supporter of abortion.

Last year, Bush wrote an article in Glamour magazine about how her now husband Grant had gotten a girl pregnant in a previous relationship.

Bush claims she was so happy Grant and the woman decided to kill their baby, or else Bush wouldn’t have had the chance to marry him.

“Grant is my person. My best friend. A true partner. But I could have missed him, if it were not for the abortion he and a former partner had,” Bush said.

She continued “Because the love of my life and a former partner of his had access to an abortion in his past, he and I have a future.”

So in Bush’s mind, killing a baby is okay as long as she ended up with the guy in the end.


But it gets worse.

Bush accuses the GOP of controlling women

Bush’s most recent op-ed in The Daily Beast continues to bash conservatives claiming the Republican Party’s top mission is to “take reproductive autonomy away” with a “full-frontal assault on women’s rights.”

She posted her anti-life op-ed on Instagram hoping abortion supporters would praise her ridiculous article . . .

. . . except Bush wasn’t prepared for the backlash of internet critics.

While Pro-Lifers were quick to call out Bush – even abortion advocates had issue with Bush’s comments.

One abortion supporter wrote “Not trying to argue with you because I support the freedom to get an abortion (within reason) but isn’t it possible that they just believe life starts upon conception and this has nothing to do with controlling women’s bodies? Is it possible they just think it’s wrong to kill what they consider to be an unborn child?”



To demonize Pro-Lifers as “controlling” and “evil” is ridiculous.

Pro-Lifers are the only ones in the abortion fight who actually care about both the woman and her baby.

Leftist women are the real issue

While Bush claims the GOP are the ones taking away a woman’s “reproductive autonomy” – the real culprit is the abortion industry.

Instead of empowering women to choose life – they make them believe the ONLY option they have is to kill their baby.

They don’t want women to be prayed over by sidewalk counselors or to visit a life-saving crisis pregnancy center.

Instead, the abortion lobby is so determined to push their anti-life agenda they will gladly sacrifice women on the alter if it furthers their abortion crusade.

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