This pregnant mom chose life and caught the abortion industry completely off guard

The abortion lobby tells pregnant women they must choose between having a baby and a career.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

And when this pregnant mom chose life, she caught the abortion lobby completely off guard.

An unexpected pregnancy

Katie Chihoski was working hard on her degree when she learned she was pregnant.

And when a young girl becomes pregnant, the abortion lobby claims her only “choice” is to end the life of her baby.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And thankfully Katie didn’t listen to the lies pro-aborts hoped she’d believe.

According to anti-life activists, it is impossible for a pregnant mom to continue studying in college while pregnant.

The abortion lobby claims a woman’s success will be “hindered” since there are no resources to help her.

But as Katie’s testimony revealed – not only did she keep her baby AND graduate college. . . 

. . . but she had the entire support of her college.

A program for single moms 

Katie attended University of Mary, a Catholic college in North Dakota.

Once the administration learned of Katie’s pregnancy, they didn’t shame her or kick her out.

Instead, they were determined to help her keep her baby – and finish school.

Thanks to the help of local donors, University of Mary was able to launch a program called “St. Teresa’s” which helps single moms in crisis.

Eligible moms and their babies are able to receive year-round childcare and free room and board.

Allowing moms a safe place to live with their babies and helping provide childcare while they finish school is a life-saving blessing – and shows pregnant moms they can choose life.

Graduating with her daughter

By God’s grace, Katie welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world, and she was able to keep up with her studies thanks to the help her school provided.

She even has big dreams and plans to walk across the stage and graduate with her 18-month-old daughter Lucia next to her.

Katie said, “I think she will walk across the stage with me, if I can figure out the logistics,” Catholic News Agency reported.

“I would love to make that a tradition for future graduating mothers,” she continued.

Katie’s story gives hope to other pregnant moms that they can choose life and still graduate from college.

What pregnant moms need more than anything is a supportive environment of people willing to walk alongside them.

So many women choose abortion because they believe the lie that they are “all alone.”

Of course, the abortion lobby continues to peddle this lie scaring young girls into killing their own babies.

But Katie is yet another shining example that choosing life is always beautiful, and her life is far from “over” . . . 

. . . in fact, it is just beginning. 

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