This pregnant mom was infuriated after doctors scheduled an abortion without her consent

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Soozy Jenner was pregnant when she learned her baby Grace had a life-threatening condition.

While she thought the doctors would help her – what they did next was shocking.

And once Jenner learned the doctors planned to kill her baby without her consent, she was furious.

The doctors scheduled an abortion – without consent

Since baby Grace had a life-threatening condition, the doctors assumed that meant Jenner wanted an abortion.

So instead of consulting with her, they simply scheduled the abortion, planning to kill Grace.

When Jenner found out what the doctors had done, she was horrified.

“I was completely shocked,” Jenner said.

She continued “I couldn’t believe someone would think it would be all right to have a termination because his view was that baby isn’t going to live and he automatically assumed I would take a termination,” BBC News reported.

“I refused it and after that nobody got in touch with me. I had to seek out that second opinion,” Jenner recalled.

Essentially – the doctors were furious Jenner wouldn’t kill her own baby.

Punished for choosing life

Because Jenner chose life, the doctors stopped communicating with her.

She was forced to get a second opinion, as her current medical team became even more distant.

Jenner claimed she wanted an MRI to learn more about her baby, but she wasn’t given that chance, simply because she was going against the wishes of the doctor.

“The way I was treated was lacking in any bedside manner,” Jenner said.

“Ultimately, I wasn’t given an MRI as I’d chosen to go against their wishes,” she continued.

Tragically, after choosing life for her sweet baby girl, Grace ended up dying during labor.

Brutal abortion laws

Where Jenner lives, babies with disabilities can be killed all the way up until birth.

Doctors expect pregnant moms will automatically choose abortion – but as Jenner’s story shows – that’s it’s not always the case.

While her story still had a tragic ending with the loss of baby Grace, other moms go on to deliver babies that either defy the doctor’s odds – or end up not having a disability after all.

But regardless if a baby has a disability or not – they should still be given the chance at life.

Every baby was created in the image of God, and deserves the right to be born.

Doctors are supposed to save lives – not end them.

But as the abortion lobby continues to put pressure on hospitals and other places to push abortion – more lives are bound to be lost.

Jenner’s story is heartbreaking, but she can at least know she did everything in her power to fight for the life of baby Grace.

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