This pro-life coffee company just raised nearly $300,000 to aid pregnancy resource centers

Photo by Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

The Pro-life movement doesn’t have Hollywood celebrities or far-left mega donors stroking fat checks like the Abortion Lobby does.

Most of their funding comes from small donors who send in contributions through the mail or over email.

But now this pro-life coffee company just raised nearly $300,000 to aid pregnancy resource centers.

Seven Weeks Coffee, an unashamed pro-life coffee company has donated nearly $300,000 to pregnancy resource centers nationwide.

Serving as a “shield and protector”

The donations are to enable these pro-life pregnancy centers to continue their work as a “shield and protector” to pregnant women.

This is especially important as pregnancy centers in many states face threats to their funding and ability to operate, as well as the increased violence against them.

Seven Weeks Coffee was founded in 2021 and is named after the stage in a woman’s pregnancy when her pre-born child is the approximate size of a coffee bean. 

The company strongly supports the mission of pro-life pregnancy centers, which provide free resources and counseling services to pregnant women and families.

They show their support by donating 10% of all their earnings from coffee sales to the centers. 

Seven Weeks also has a program in which Pregnancy centers can partner with them by signing up for its affiliate program online.

From the company’s founding in 2021 to the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, Seven Weeks Coffee raised roughly $125,000 for pregnancy resource centers. 

Then, even more promising, the pro-life company raised the same amount of money again, but this time in just six months. 

In an interview with The Christian Post, Seven Weeks Coffee’s founder Anton Krecic said the company started as a “grassroots movement” and has evolved into something bigger as more people began spreading the word about it. 

One of the reasons Krecic believes Seven Weeks Coffee has been able to raise that amount of money is because of its partnerships.

He also believes part of the reason for the company’s continued growth is the attention it has received from major pro-life advocates like Lila Rose and Allie Beth Stuckey. 

Krecic also highlighted the company’s partnerships with over 700 pregnancy centers around the country, which he said allows coffee lovers to help their local pregnancy center by purchasing Seven Weeks Coffee. 

“They see the real pains that people are facing,” Krecic said in talking about pregnancy resource centers. “They’re intervening in a crisis and acting as a shield and protector for mom and child.”

Amazing coffee for an amazing cause

In addition to its partnership with over 700 pregnancy centers, Krecic said Seven Weeks Coffee also partners with multiple pro-life organizations through its affiliate program. 

“And basically, what we’re trying to tailor is, ‘Hey, we sell coffee of an amazing quality.’ So if that’s pregnancy centers, if that’s adoption clinics, organizations like Center for Client Safety that are shutting down abortion clinics — we’re going to find whoever we can that’s doing pro-life work and fund it through the sale of our coffee,” he continued. 

The effort is more important now than ever.

Pregnancy centers have been the target of violent pro-abortion thugs who have vandalized and firebombed them.

And Pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania are facing a new challenge after pro-abortion Governor Josh Shapiro announced in August an end to a contract that provided funding to pregnancy center Real Alternatives. 

Real Alternatives is a network of pregnancy centers offering various resources to pregnant women, including temporary shelter and parenting support. 

“We want to be advocates for pregnancy centers and convey the truth that they provide free medical care to women who are in real crisis,” Krecic said. “There are zero financial motives from a pregnancy center.”

“Pregnancy centers are there to help mother and child. Abortion clinics are there to make a sale, convincing mothers that abortion is their only choice,” he continued.

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