This Pro-Life Democrat is refusing to be silenced by her party

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church from State College, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are known for pushing through their anti-life agenda.

They’ll stop at nothing to force abortion-on-demand through all nine months on every states in country.

And that’s why this Pro-Life Democrat is refusing to be silenced by her party.

Racism and abortion

Connecticut state legislator Treneé McGee is a black Pro-Life Democrat and is often seen fighting alone within her Party to advocate for life.

At a past March for Life speech, she spoke about the racism in the abortion industry that the Left never seems to want to talk about.

“Your knowledge and insight into the systemically racist abortion industry is being exposed.

Your ‘no’ to Margaret Sanger the day she came to your doors and told you to abort your children will be heard around the world,” McGee told the crowd.

Speaking to the abortion industry directly through her speech, McGee said, “You’ve mocked impoverished communities all while putting clinics in them. You’ve told me that I can’t be Black and pro-life because Black women need abortions more than anyone. You tell us that we are disproportionally impacted, never giving us our due proportions from the start.”

“You have pocketed off the fear and pain of women and minors who don’t feel fit to parent. You’ve handed minors abortion pills in silence and told them not to tell their parents,” said McGee.

Abortion is not empowering

And now, she’s at it again claiming it’s “elitist” to tell women the solution to their poverty is to kill a baby.

During and interview with Live Action’s president Lila Rose, McGee said the Left pushes abortion and calls it “empowering”, even though killing a baby is the furthest thing from “empowering”.

To those who advocate for abortion, McGee said it’s essentially like saying “Your personhood doesn’t even matter. Who you are doesn’t matter. And because of the circumstances that you’re born into. Because you’re poor. Because you’ve experienced these different things, you don’t have a chance at life.”

She continued, “It actually works in opposition to me of any women’s empowerment, and liberty, that I think our country should really be standing for.”

“And it’s a bit elitist. It’s to say you don’t deserve to parent because you don’t have the resources, McGee continued.

And she’s exactly right.

Leftists don’t want to actually help pregnant moms choose life by connecting them to people who can provide support.

All they want to do is help women abort their babies.

True empowerment is choosing life

There’s nothing more empowering for a woman than to carry a baby in one’s womb and then give birth to a human life.

Yet pro-aborts continue to lie to women telling them their life is over if they keep their baby, scaring them into thinking they’ll end up jobless, poor, and on the streets.

But there are organizations and resources all over the country that help pregnant moms during and after they have their baby.

True empowerment isn’t ending a life – it’s choosing it.

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