This pro-life group just unveiled an app to help protect preborn babies from abortions

Photo by Rami Al-zayat from Unsplash

Have you ever wished for a front-row seat to witness the extraordinary journey of life unfolding in the womb? 

Well, wonder no more! 

This pro-life group just unveiled an app to help protect preborn babies from abortions.

Live Action, the pro-life powerhouse, has just unveiled an awe-inspiring digital masterpiece, the, offering you an unprecedented glimpse into the miracle of human development.

Launched on December 14, this groundbreaking website guides users through every trimester of pregnancy, unfolding the captivating story of a baby’s growth, day by day, starting right from conception. 

Christina Bennett, Live Action’s dynamic spokeswoman, shared the vision behind this innovative web app, stating, “The main idea was to present something groundbreaking and medically accurate.”

Imagine immersing yourself in an animated video that meticulously captures each day’s progress or having the flexibility to click through the weeks at your own pace. 

As you navigate, enlightening notes accompany the visuals, providing insights into the fascinating details of the child’s development.

For instance, at the eight-week mark, you’ll discover, “At eight weeks, brain waves can be recorded,” while at 15 weeks, the note exclaims, “Teeth! At 15 weeks, tooth development begins.” 

Bennett emphasizes that medical doctors and professionals actively contributed to crafting the content, aiming to counter prevalent misinformation about prenatal life.

In a world where misconceptions label a preborn baby as merely a “clump of cells,” Live Action endeavors to shatter these fallacies with a powerful narrative of truth. 

Bennett describes the project as a “window to the womb,” providing an eye-opening experience for everyone who engages with it.

But that’s not all; the website goes beyond being a digital showcase. 

It includes a crucial feature with a button labeled “Pregnant & Need Help?” 

This link directs users to Live Action’s website, offering vital assistance to women facing various circumstances—whether they are contemplating abortion, have undergone the procedure, have taken the abortion pill, work in the abortion industry, or are exploring adoption.

Upon entering the website, users can personalize the experience by choosing a name and the biological sex of the developing baby. 

Bennett envisions this tool being utilized by everyone, including those working in pro-life pregnancy centers, crucial hubs providing support to pregnant women in need.

Diane Ferraro, CEO of Save The Storks, a prominent pro-life mobile medical clinic network, expressed the profound impact of Window to the Womb. 

She stated, “Sharing Window to the Womb with women who board our mobile medical clinics will provide another compelling reason to make the decision for life for their babies.”

Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, hailed the website, saying, “Live Action’s Window to the Womb is a visually powerful tool in ministering to those who are unexpectedly pregnant and need to know what is actually happening.”

From the sidewalks to pregnancy centers, from churches to kitchen tables, Live Action’s Window to the Womb emerges as a universal tool for anyone championing the sanctity of life. 

Don’t miss your chance to embark on this extraordinary journey by accessing the website [here]

It’s time to unlock the wonders of life in the womb like never before!

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