This “pro woman” magazine completely missed the mark with their latest dirty tactic

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A feminist magazine recently ran an article featuring abortion stories hoping to gain more support for this gruesome act.

But the story had the opposite effect.

In fact, the “pro woman” magazine completely missed the mark with their latest dirty tactic.

But they fail to mention the brutal reality of what actually takes place through this bloody act.

And one woman described the shocking and violent reality of her chemical abortion which left everyone speechless.

“Share your abortion story”

Ms. Magazine hoped by women sending in their horrifying abortion stories it would somehow “normalize” abortion.

As if a mother killing her unborn baby is something normal that shouldn’t be given a second thought.

The article claimed sharing stories shows “how critical abortion has been and continues to be for women and girls.”

“I decided to terminate the pregnancy because it was the best option for me at the time.

Planned Parenthood helped me get funding for the procedure,” one reader wrote.

“It was a difficult decision, but I already was a parent to my sister and I couldn’t financially or emotionally provide for another child. I also wanted to finish high school and my boyfriend was not in a place to be able to raise a child,” the young girl stated.

Encouraging teens to kill their babies

The abortion stories are full of horrific tales of scared young moms thinking the only option they had was to get an abortion.

One teen shared a story stating when she became pregnant, since she wasn’t 18, she had to get her parents’ permission.

She was too scared to talk to her parents, so she reached out to pro-abortion group called Jane’s Due Process which helps minors get a judicial bypass.

“They walked me through the many steps I needed to get through before appearing before the judge, including getting a sonogram and working with my lawyer to compile evidence of my maturity and why I wanted to have an abortion,” the young girl wrote.

“I was required by law to prove I was ‘mature’ enough to make the decision. The judge got to decide my entire future, before I was able to make any decisions of my own. I felt so out of control,” wrote the young teen.

How horrifying!

If the young teen had simply talked to her parents, they could have helped her keep her baby.

Failed medical abortion

The abortion lobby continues to push abortion pills claiming it’s a simple way to end the life growing inside a woman.

But as more women share the dangerous complications from these drugs, anti-life activists still push the pills . . .

. . . even promoting illegally smuggling them in from Mexico.

One reader shared the story how she hooked up with a guy, became pregnant, and took the abortion drugs at home.

Since a “lot of blood and tissue” came out at home, she thought her abortion worked.

But it didn’t.

She found out at 22 weeks she was still pregnant – and since she lived in DC – she was still able to get an abortion to finish what she started.

“Luckily, I lived in D.C. and had good insurance. It paid for me to have a D&E (dilation and evacuation) abortion at a hospital at 23 and a half weeks pregnant,” the reader shared.

She continued “I have zero regrets about my choice and have a lot of gratitude for the resources that were available to me. More than anything, I hope my story will be a warning to other women and girls to always go to the doctor for prompt follow-up care after an at-home medication abortion, as you can still be pregnant even if it seems like your abortion was successful.”

These horrific stories reveal more than ever how abortion fails women.

The article is full of scared young teens writing in trying to justify their abortion, when it’s clear they are still traumatized.

Ms. Magazine may hope their anti-life article will normalize abortion – but it’s likely to have the opposite impact.

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