This recent move by pro-lifers in Ohio proves the fight to protect the preborn is far from over

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe from Unsplash

Pro-lifers in Ohio recently suffered a crushing defeat in the fight to defend the preborn.

But they’re refusing to let it keep them down.

And this recent move proves the fight to protect the preborn is far from over.

In a critical move ahead of the 2024 election, the US bishops gathered in Baltimore for their annual fall meeting, addressing pivotal issues facing the Catholic Church and the nation. 

One of the key discussions centered around plans to amend the voter guide as the country braces for its first presidential election since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Dobbs v Jackson shifted abortion law decisions to individual states.

During the meeting, the bishops elected Bishop Daniel Thomas of the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, as the new chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities. 

This decision holds significant weight as Ohio recently enshrined abortion rights into its state constitution. 

Bishop Thomas emerged as the choice over Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, signifying a commitment to pro-life advocacy in a state grappling with evolving abortion legislation.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Archbishop of US Military Services and President of the USCCB, emphasized the bishops’ dedication to ending abortion, stating unequivocally, “Ending innocent human life is simply not acceptable.” 

As the nation approaches a crucial election year, the Catholic Church aims to exert influence on voters, prioritizing the sanctity of life as a central factor in their decision-making process.

The bishops’ pledge to combat abortion aligns with their acknowledgment of the significant role abortion issues are expected to play in the upcoming elections. 

With decisions on abortion laws reverting to individual states post-Dobbs v Jackson, voters will likely scrutinize candidates’ stances on this polarizing topic when casting their ballots in November 2024.

While the focus on pro-life initiatives took center stage, Archbishop Broglio also addressed global concerns, particularly the conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

The archbishop reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s position on the coexistence of Israel and Palestinians, recognizing both entities’ rights to exist. 

However, he expressed deep concern over the recent atrocities committed during a Palestinian invasion, where over 1,200 Israelis lost their lives, and more than 200 hostages were taken back to Gaza.

In a nuanced stance, Archbishop Broglio lamented the loss of innocent civilian lives during the subsequent counter-offensive by Israel. 

He urged for negotiation as a preferable alternative to conflict, emphasizing that the presence of hostages does not justify attacks on areas known to shelter civilians.

As the USCCB, under the leadership of Bishop Daniel Thomas, prepares to navigate the complex landscape of pro-life advocacy in a post-Dobbs v Jackson era, the bishops’ commitment to influencing voters and shaping the narrative around the sanctity of life stands as a resolute call to action for pro-life Americans. 

The 2024 election looms as a crucial battleground where values, beliefs, and the protection of human life will be paramount considerations for voters across the nation.

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