This shocking election win proves defending the preborn is a winning formula

Photo by Jeff Landry from Unsplash

Some Republicans like South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace want to sell out the lives of babies for supposed political gain.

But the so-called “political gain” is a hoax.

And this shocking election win just flipped a state in the GOP’s favor and proved defending the preborn is a winning formula.

The Louisiana governorship just flipped from blue to red with Republican Jeff Landry winning the office previously held by Democrat John Bel Edwards.

More proof that Life wins

Many experts are now saying the biggest takeaway from this GOP victory is that life is a winning issue.

It turns out when Republicans stay strong for life, they get rewarded with victory.

Here’s the background on this key race.

Louisiana elections are done by “jungle primary” where all candidates from all parties run against each other.

If anyone receives 51% of the vote they win.

But if no one receives 51% it goes to a run-off between the top vote getters from the primary.

Four years ago in the last Jungle primary in the Louisiana gubernational race, the entire Republican field of candidates collectively received 51%.

But this time, with abortion a key issue in the race, the field of Republican candidates received 64%, a 13% increase!

But there was even bigger news than the huge increase in overall Republican turnout in this race.

Landry’s victory was the first time in 11 years that a candidate from either party received more than 50% in Louisiana’s Jungle Primary system to avoid a run-off.

And there is no mistaking that a big reason for this historic win was the abortion issue.

Standing strong for life

And it was the Democrats who made abortion the issue thinking it would be a winning one for them.

Despite this, and despite many GOP operatives and RINOs like Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC 1) urging Landry and other pro-life candidates to “compromise” on life, Landry stayed strong.

In August 2022, former Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards signed a law which mostly prohibited abortion in Louisiana.

But this year the Democrat candidate for Governor, Shawn Wilson, made gutting this pro-life law a top priority, and made his radical pro-abortion stance a major part of his campaign.

Wilson said, “I support going back to pre-Dobbs. I support adding exceptions (to the current ban). Clearly, we should add exceptions for rape and incest and clarify the exception that protects the life of the mother.”

Republican candidate Landry, however, didn’t backpedal on the protections of the current law.

In fact, a spokesperson for his campaign made Landry’s position clear: “Jeff has always been strongly pro-life and a strong advocate for women’s healthcare. He has been consistent in his support for the pro-life laws currently on the books and he is grateful that Louisiana has led our country in protecting innocent life.”

Of course, the pro-abortion mainstream media (and some Republicans) would have you believe that such a position would be a death knell to any GOP candidate.

Instead, it turns out firmly advocating for the protection of preborn children and women does exactly the opposite.

Republican candidates should look at the Louisiana results and take note — being strong for life is a winning issue.

Just ask Governor-elect Jeff Landry.

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