This shocking fact about abortion facilities in Pennsylvania will leave you speechless

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Every time a woman walks through the doors of an abortion center, her life is in danger.

And although the abortion lobby dismisses that abortions are dangerous . . . 

. . . the latest shocking report rolling out of Pennsylvania just revealed the brutal truth which will leave you speechless.

Pennsylvania abortion centers failed inspection

The abortion lobby continues to market abortion as the “only safe” option for pregnant women.

And as vulnerable women continue to kill their unborn babies, many are learning just how dangerous abortions actually are to women.

In Pennsylvania, a shocking report revealed half of all the abortion facilities in the entire state failed a state health inspection!


Abortion facilities are so grossly mismanaged, they can’t even pass their own state health inspections.

Disturbing violations

PA Family Institute released a list of the shocking violations at abortion clinics, and they are downright horrifying.

A brief summary of the violations PA Family Institute released include:

  • Using ketamine as a general anesthetic
  • Failed to document informed consent for minors
  • [Repeated failure] “…no measures in place to prevent cross contamination between the clinical sink and the area utilized for decontamination and processing of surgical instruments.”
  • Failure to document abortionist credentialing
  • Biohazard bags found in a freezer
  • Needles removed from sterile packaging and storage in a supply cart
  • “Failed to have a sanitary environment for storage of human pathology waste… measuring cup lined with an unsealed red bag was used to collect human pathology waste throughout the day. Further interview confirmed the facility failed to bag, seal, and freeze or package the human pathological waste in formalin and securely store it until it was picked up by the waste hauler.”

And those are only a few of the many violations!

Providing cover for abortionists 

But instead of shutting down abortion clinics that endanger women – these brutal slaughterhouses continue killing more babies while putting women at risk.

Dan Bartkowiak from PA Family Institute said, “These abortion facilities that profit from women’s elective abortions (and are supplemented with millions of tax dollars), continue to fail health inspections – putting the life safety of women at risk, not to mention their unborn babies,” Live Action News reported.

And while Pennsylvania continues to claim abortion is “safe” in their state – they are hiding the dark side of what is really happening behind closed doors.

There’s no telling how many women will suffer or even die if something isn’t done quick to shut down these abortion facilities. 

But of course, the abortion lobby doesn’t care about injured women.

All they care about is promoting abortion and getting as many through the door as possible – even if they get injured in the process. 

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