This shocking new “government training” puts every single Pro-Lifer in danger

Government bureaucrats are trained to take down perceived threats.

But now Pro-Lifers have a target on their backs.

And a shocking new “government training” puts every single Pro-Lifer in danger.

Are Pro-Lifers domestic terrorists?

The government thinks so.

A bombshell report from a whistleblower revealed Biden’s FBI was targeting Pro-Life Catholics right here in America, labeling them as “domestic terrorists.” 

And in the United Kingdom, it looks like Pro-Lifers are facing the same fate.

A government ‘Prevent’ training aimed at counter-terrorism strategies taught individuals working in high-profile careers like education, health, and police how to identify “threats.”

In addition to focusing on “Islamist and extreme right-wing ideologies”, the training claimed, “single-issue ideologies” (like those who are Pro-Life) could be a terrorist threat, Right To Life UK reported.

Pro-Lifers deemed “extreme”

On the official government website, the UK boasts ‘Prevent’ training is only one part of the government’s overall counter-terrorism strategy with the goal to “tackle the ideological causes of terrorism” and to “intervene early to support people susceptible to radicalisaiton.”

But is being Pro-Life radical?

In today’s warped worldview, the government thinks it is.

Pro-Lifers are the ones standing up to protect unborn babies (and their mothers) from cold-hearted abortionists who have no regard for human life.

It’s the peaceful sidewalk counselors that are comforting vulnerable women before they enter an abortion clinic by showing them resources to help them choose life.

After abortionists rip a baby out of a mother’s womb they toss them to the curb – leaving women physically battered and psychologically shaken.

Yet again, it’s the Pro-Lifers who help get these women into post-abortion care and recovery programs.

It seems as if the only “extreme” actors in the fight for life are the abortionists who perform abortions on minor teens (without parental consent) and the abortion lobby who continues to lie to women about the dangers of abortion.

Women and children are in danger – and it is the Pro-Lifers who are rescuing them from the real extremists. 

A dangerous slippery slope 

In addition to teaching workers how to “identify terrorists” – they also warn of a new form of “vocal terrorism.”

The training claims extremism now includes “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs,” Right To Life UK reported.


What about respecting the faith of Pro-Life Christians who uphold the sanctity of life?

Yet again, it seems as “tolerance” only applies to those who are in line with the government’s agenda.

As the government becomes more radical in targeting Pro-Lifers and labeling them as “extremists” – Pro-Lifers must be ready to face persecution if they peacefully stand for life. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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