This state was forced to step in when a minor demanded she be given an abortion without parental consent

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Pro-abortion radicals have been working overtime to spread misinformation about abortion, especially to young people.

They want pregnant mothers to believe that they’ll lose their freedoms if they go through with having a baby.

And that’s precisely why this state was forced to step in when a minor demanded she be given an abortion without parental consent.

Pro-Life laws matter

In Florida, a minor child cannot get an abortion without parental consent.

This should be a given everywhere, but liberal states like California and other leftist playgrounds are more than happy to allow minor children to slaughter their unborn babies.

But not in Florida.

And when a pregnant minor tried to get a waiver to skirt the law –two Florida courts held the line and refused to agree to let the minor abort her baby.

Florida’s First District Court of Appeal upheld the ruling

The minor known as “Jane Doe” was furious the lower court blocked her from getting an abortion without parental consent.

So she appealed.

But the First District Court of Appeal in Florida agreed with the lower court, and upheld the ruling.

The circuit court determined that Doe “had not established by clear and convincing evidence that she was sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.”

When reviewing the order, the First District Court did not find the circuit court abused their discretion, and so they affirmed and upheld the original ruling.

The abortion lobby is gunning for children

In addition to taking delight in watching unborn babies lose their lives – the abortion lobby has an even bigger agenda.

They know the only way they will ever succeed is if they can convince young women that abortion is their best option.

After all, there is a reason why Planned Parenthood continues to flood college campuses and even high-schools with their pro-abort propaganda . . . 

. . . because they see these young women as dollar signs who will continue to fund their abortion slaughterhouses.

And with leftist Governors like Gavin Newsom allowing minors in his state to get abortions without parental consent – abortionists become empowered and think they can do whatever they want.

Parents are the last line of defense in protecting their children from those who seek to harm them.

Although “Jane Doe” from Florida did not live with her parents – the law prohibiting her from killing her baby without parental consent proved that when applied correctly – it works.

Pregnant teens should be encouraged to run to their parents – not an abortionist.

But as the abortion lobby continues to prey on young teens brainwashing them to kill their own babies – Pro-Life laws are the only thing stopping the abortion lobby from carrying out their radical agenda. 

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