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Radical pro-abortion activists hide under a cloak of secrecy knowing it’s their only chance to end the lives of more babies.

Even more horrific, they’ve set their sights on underage girls while working overtime to keep parents in the dark.

And taking things to the extreme, this state just voted to allow underage abortions without parental consent.

10-year-olds can get abortions without telling their parents

Democrats in the Oregon House rammed through one of the most extreme abortion bills America has ever seen.

While Oregon is already abortion-friendly, Democrats passed a bill allowing abortion for children at any age – with no parental consent needed.

The only way parents would be notified is if the child gives written permission to allow it.

Oregon House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson said the vote was a “parental rights issue and a process issue,” claiming that as a result Oregon politicians are “effectively telling you the government understands the needs of your child better than you do,” reported Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Republicans tried to stop the bill – but they didn’t have the votes.

Oregon House Majority Leader Julie Fahey cheered at the passing of the bill that would allow underage girls to kill their babies without parental consent, stating “After the Supreme Court’s reckless decision to overturn Roe v Wade, House Democrats made a commitment to protect Oregonians’ basic rights and freedoms. Today, we fulfilled that commitment.”

A commitment to human trafficking and abuse

In reality, all Oregon House Democrats did is further ensure sexual predators could continue abusing underage girls and get away with it.

Girls who are trafficked and become pregnant are often forced to get abortions by their abusers.

Many of these underage teens are ushered into abortion mills like Planned Parenthood who have a long history of turning a blind eye to abuse in their quest to expand abortion.

But states that require a minor to get parental consent helps prevent sexual predators from getting away with their evil deeds.

If parents were alerted each time a minor tried to get an abortion, it’s guaranteed we’d have more teens rescued from the snares of human trafficking. 

But instead of working to protect girls, radical pro-abortion activists simply want to expand abortion and are willing to sacrifice anyone at the altar – even an underage child.

Parents know best

Any good parent would do anything to protect their child.

But radical pro-abortion activists know by keeping parents in the dark about their child they can ram through their radical pro-abortion agenda without any pushback.

Parents must continue to speak up and stand up to radical politicians who are laser-focused on erasing their influence. 

While parents should be the one guiding their minor child – the government wants to step in and replace parents all together.

The deadly pro-abortion bill now goes to the Oregon Senate for debate. 

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