This state’s new Pro-Life law spells big trouble for Planned Parenthood

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A Pro-Life law banning almost all abortions was gearing up to save lives – but Planned Parenthood is determined to shut it down.

While the life-saving law is currently on hold in the court – life is likely to prevail.

And now Planned Parenthood is in big trouble thanks to this state’s new Pro-Life law.

Indiana banned almost all abortions 

Last year, Indiana passed a law banning abortion with only a few minor exceptions.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb quickly signed the bill into law, eager to begin protecting unborn babies.

But two lawsuits were immediately filed to stop the abortion ban.

However, Pro-Lifers scored a major victory when the Indiana Supreme Court ruled on June 30, 2023, that banning abortion didn’t violate the state constitution.

The abortion lobby was furious and refused to give up the fight. 

The ACLU filed another petition to stop the abortion ban from going into effect.

Planned Parenthood tries to stall – and raise more money

Since the Pro-Life law was set to go into effect on August 1 – Planned Parenthood didn’t know what to do.

Abortion providers stopped making appointments, and the abortion lobby admitted they had effectively lost the battle – but were simply stalling for more time.

Pro-Life leaders knew Planned Parenthood realized the writing on the wall – but instead used the opportunity to raise funds by terrifying women.

ABC7 reported the Indiana Attorney General’s Office released a statement explaining what happened and said, “On the eve of Indiana’s pro-life law going into effect, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood made a desperate attempt to prevent Indiana from enforcing our own law.”

“We responded to this filing immediately and are now waiting for the Court to rule. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have made their intentions clear – this is just another grab for fundraising dollars,” the statement continued.

The writing on the wall

A disgruntled Planned Parenthood regional CEO said, “Today is a dark day for millions of Hoosiers and others who rely on Indiana Planned Parenthood for abortion care.”

She continued, “Until today, Indiana was the region’s pivotal state for preserving abortion access for people in the region. Our appointments were booked out for months. But now, extremists are taking away abortion care in Indiana,” reported Indiana Business Journal.

Planned Parenthood knows their days are numbered.

The abortion lobby tried to stop this life-saving law from going into effect – but they failed.

Thanks to courageous Pro-Life leaders in Indiana, countless unborn babies’ lives will be spared, and abortion clinics will be forced to shut their doors for good.

While this is a major victory for unborn babies and is worthy of celebration – Pro-Lifers must not stop until every Planned Parenthood (and their affiliates) are shut down for good. 

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