This swampy pro-life group endorsed Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin despite his pro-abortion media campaign

Governor Glenn Youngkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Washington, D.C. is full of access-based establishment groups who claim to be pro-life.

And some of them claim to be leaders in the pro-life movement.

But this swampy pro-life group endorsed Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin despite his pro-abortion media campaign.

As the dust settles from the Virginia state elections, political pundits are trying to figure out what the results mean.

Fearlessly standing for life?

But one thing is for sure, the access-based D.C. insider pro-life groups decided to sell out the lives of countless innocent babies to curry favor with RINOs.

And likely the most blatant example of this were the actions of SBA Pro Life America in the Virginia elections.

SBA has come under fire recently for failing to support Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville in his fight to stop taxpayer-funded abortions in the U.S. military.

The Tuberville battle should be a no-brainer for groups like SBA who claim to be leaders in the pro-life movement.

But when you look at their actions in Virginia, their reluctance to support Tuberville makes sense.

The email to its supporters said the following;

“Governor Glenn Youngkin is fearlessly standing for life and is a great example to other pro-life candidates across the country as he flips the script and exposes abortion extremists’ barbaric support of abortion-on-demand by making candidates talk about abortion beyond 15 weeks.”

“Youngkin and his pro-life team aren’t cowering. Candidates across the country should take note of their leadership. They are rebuking their opponents’ lies and making their own stances clear. Youngkin himself defends life with joy and optimism.”

“Youngkin’s party is united around the 15-week limit. This would protect hundreds of lives each year and be a significant step forward from Virginia’s current laws, which allow second-trimester abortions for any reason and third-trimester abortions for mental health reasons. It would reflect the will of 60 percent of Virginians, including strong majorities of Democrats, independents, women, and self-described pro-choice voters.”

“This election could set the stage not just for protecting babies and moms in Virginia, but for future elections, too. If our pro-life champions running for office thwart the advances of pro-abortionists and hold the House or take the Senate in the state of Virginia, it would provide a roadmap for pro-life candidates to tackle abortion and make it their winning issue nationwide — even in the bluest states! All eyes are on Virginia to prove that abortion is not Big Abortion’s silver bullet.”

You read that right, a group who claims to be a leader in the pro-life movement now openly brags of its support for one of the weakest abortion bills out there.

No wonder we can’t win

Just weeks before election day, so-called Republican Glenn Youngkin released an ad trying to persuade voters that his 15-week abortion ban is “reasonable” despite the fact that the ban still allows 94% of babies to be killed.

That’s not reasonable, that’s evil.

And SBA is backing this evil agenda.

Instead of spending their efforts (and their donor’s money) urging pro-life Virginians to vote for weak-kneed and even pro-abortion Republicans, SBA would have been far better trying to stop the disgusting pro-abortion Amendment 1 in Ohio or supporting Tuberville’s fight in the U.S. Senate.

If groups like SBA would stop playing access-based politics and working with the pro-abortion lobby, the pro-life cause could be making major gains around the country.

Instead SBA and other establishment D.C. groups like them continue to try and appease the pro-abortion lobby and RINOs who sometimes talk a good game but never really do anything to save babies.

Until pro-life groups start fighting as if they really believe it is a matter of life or death, millions of innocent children will continue to be slaughtered in America’s abortion mills.

SBA’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser should take a good hard look at the devastation her group is causing in the pro-life community.

And she should either change course or step down and let a real pro-life leader take over at SBA.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.