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The battle over pro-life legislation is raging in states around the country.

And real pro-life activists and groups are doing all they can to save babies.

But this swampy pro-life group just stabbed their supporters in the back.

Virginia’s Governor Glenn Youngkin has decided to tie Virginia Republicans’ hopes for winning legislative elections this year to a controversial strategy of pushing a 15-week abortion limit with multiple exceptions.

Willing to kill 94% of babies to try and win over Democrat voters

Youngkin is pushing a so-called ban that would only save 6% of all babies killed in abortions.

Across the Commonwealth of Virginia pro-life activists are outraged at Youngkin’s attempt to curry favor with pro-abortion activists by refusing to support real pro-life legislation.

And it’s hurting Youngkin in a number of races that Republicans must win if they are going to take over the State Senate this November.

There are currently two strong pro-life candidates who are running write-in campaigns, and a third who, while not running an official write-in campaign is getting support from pro-life activists who are writing in his name, instead of voting for the Republican.

While write-in campaigns are almost impossible to win, there is at least a strong possibility that enough voters who usually vote Republican will instead cast their vote for the write-in candidate because of the pro-life issue. 

If he fails, festering strategic divisions among antiabortion activists and Republican political strategists are set to worsen.

At the root of Youngkin’s pro-abortion strategy is the idea that a 15-week limit on the procedure, with exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother, can be sold to voters as a “reasonable” and “common sense” limit.

“Here’s the truth: There is no ban,” claims a $1.4 million ad blitz paid for by Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia group promoting the policy.

Most pro-life activists are furious and wondering what the “reasonable” approach to mass murder is.

The swamp weighs in

While grassroots pro-life activists and leaders of serious pro-life organizations are disgusted by Younkin’s sell-out, at least one self-described “pro-life” group is supportive.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the swamp-based “pro-life” group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America said Youngkin’s effort is providing “a road map for how to tackle abortion, not only at the state level, but the federal level as well.” 

Clearly Dannenfelser either doesn’t even understand that a 15-week ban doesn’t really do much to stop abortion, or she simply doesn’t care about the lives of babies.

No wonder groups like Dannenfelser’s are considered nothing but Republican toadies by actual pro-life Americans.

Zack Roday, a spokesman for Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia PAC, said national Republicans were caught flat-footed by Democratic counterattacks on abortion last year. “There was no Republican response, none, and the results were tough in the ’22 midterms,” Roday said. “Republicans didn’t talk about where they were. They didn’t swat back the misstatements, the sometimes outright lies.”

On that front he is correct. Republicans did a horrible job in 2022 and were afraid to stay strong on the issue.

What Roday and Youngkin are ignoring is that those Republicans who stayed strong on the pro-life issue fared far better than those who sold out on the issue or tried to remain quiet.

By trying to appease the radical pro-abortion Democrats on the issue, Youngkin is in real danger of alienating the pro-life voters who make up more than 40% of the voting bloc in the GOP.

While Virginia Democrats are hammering the abortion issue in this year’s campaigns, Youngkin is ceding the ground to them and turning away his own base.

And so-called “pro-life leaders” like Marjorie Dannenfelser is helping Youngkin promote a pro-abortion message. 

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