This top female athlete has teamed up with a Pro-Life diaper company to help Maui residents

Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels

Pro-Life activists have been stepping up their support for mothers and children ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

And they are stepping into the breach where they are needed the most.

That’s why this top female athlete has teamed up with a Pro-Life diaper company to help Maui residents.

Christian professional surfer Bethany Hamilton and a Pro-Life diaper company just joined forces to help moms and babies in Maui.

Filling the needs of the most in need

The effort is to send aid to those who have been affected by the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century.

In the aftermath of the deadly Maui wildfires, EveryLife has delivered more than 40,000 diapers and 60,000 wipes to Maui in just the last week. 

The wildfires have left more than 114 people dead, with more than over 1,000 still missing, and thousands left homeless.

“We at EveryLife were devastated to hear the news about the disastrous wildfires that destroyed the beautiful, historic city of Lahaina,” EveryLife founder Michael Seifert told Fox News.

Seifert added, “With both the death toll and the number of displaced community members continuing to rise, our hearts are breaking for the beautiful people of Maui and all of their loved ones. We wanted to jump into action immediately when we heard this tragic news in order to play at least a small part in helping those in need.”

Seifert also happens to be the founder and CEO of PublicSq., a digital marketplace that is proudly “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom.” 

The company offers Americans who are tired of “woke” corporations an alternative way to buy the products they want and need.

Teaming up with a superstar

The platform launched EveryLife to allow Americans the ability to never have to donate “your hard-earned money to organizations that destroy innocent life.”

On its website the EveryLife organization says, “We unapologetically choose to celebrate life. Because every child is a gift from above that deserves to be loved, protected, and celebrated — every single day.”

Hamilton said she decided to partner with the organization in this latest charitable effort not only because she knew they were praying for Maui people, but also because they are “dedicated to stepping in and continuously providing essential supplies to the families in Maui.”

The wildly popular professional surfer recently spoke out on X.

Hamilton said, “What’s happening to the community in Maui is absolutely heartbreaking and unimaginable. I can’t even imagine losing everything overnight and how hard the journey forward will be.  I am honored to partner with [EveryLife] – not only are they praying but they are sending their diapers and wipes to King’s Cathedral in Maui to help families who have lost everything due to the devastating catastrophe.”

She also explained that during the month of August, people can purchase a “Buy For A Cause” bundle and it will be sent to Maui residents in need.

And EveryLife wrote on Instagram, “We know this is just the beginning of making an eternal impact and we’re so grateful that you’ve joined us on this journey.” 

The Pro-Life community stepped up, within 48 hours of announcing its Maui diaper drive, EveryLife received 33,000 diapers and 12,000 wipe bundles to go to Maui residents.

“We’re blown away by your generosity,” they wrote. “Thank you for loving Maui so well.”

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