This UK Army vet being prosecuted for prayer has a dire warning for pro-lifers

Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels

An esteemed UK Army veteran is facing bizarre and hypocritical charges in the UK. 

All because he prayed quietly in a public space. 

And he has a dire warning for pro-lifers.

In a shocking turn of events, United Kingdom Army veteran, Adam Smith-Connor, is facing criminal charges for the seemingly harmless act of silently praying outside an abortion facility. 

The incident, which unfolded in Bournemouth, resulted in a fine for Smith-Connor in December 2022, igniting concerns about the erosion of basic freedoms.

Smith-Connor’s alleged violation of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) sparked controversy as he faced charges for peacefully praying for his deceased son and all the lives impacted by abortion. 

A video capturing the interaction portrays a non-violent and non-confrontational Smith-Connor explaining his actions to the police. 

Despite his non-intrusive demeanor, he now stands accused of breaking a “buffer zone” ordinance.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom U.K., Smith-Connor’s personal connection to the issue stems from having paid for an abortion in his past, before his conversion to Christianity. 

His transformation led him to pray outside the abortion facility, deliberately positioning himself with his back to the building to avoid any perception of interference with women entering or leaving.

Smith-Connor’s legal troubles escalated when he was formally charged in August for violating the contentious ordinance. 

In response, he pleaded not guilty, asserting his right to peacefully practice his faith and express his convictions.

In a statement released on November 9, Smith-Connor expressed concern about the potential infringement on freedom of thought: “‘Thoughtcrimes’ shouldn’t be prosecuted in the UK.” 

As a veteran who served in the army reserves for two decades, including a deployment in Afghanistan, he questioned the contradiction between defending freedoms abroad and witnessing the curtailment of personal freedoms at home.

Britain’s historical commitment to upholding human rights and freedom, a legacy Smith-Connor defended during his military service, now seems at odds with his current legal predicament. “How can we send our troops out to potentially make the ultimate sacrifice when back home, police are arresting people for peacefully practicing their faith and offering charitable support to families in crisis?” he questioned.

As Remembrance Sunday approached, Smith-Connor emphasized the need to preserve the values for which countless individuals sacrificed their lives.

Jeremiah Igunnubole, legal counsel for ADF UK, highlighted the absurdity of Smith-Connor’s situation, asserting that he was targeted solely for expressing his prayerful thoughts. 

“If Adam had been thinking about an issue other than abortion – for example, climate change – then there would be no issue raised here,” Igunnubole pointed out, emphasizing the apparent bias against Smith-Connor’s pro-life stance.

As Smith-Connor’s legal battle unfolds, his case raises crucial questions about the limits placed on free expression and religious practice in contemporary society. 

With his next hearing postponed until January 18, 2024, the case continues to draw attention to the potential threats to fundamental freedoms faced by individuals with pro-life convictions in the UK.

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