This university pulled out all the stops to silence a pro-life student group

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unplash

The battle for free speech on college campuses has taken a troubling twist, leaving concerned Americans questioning the state of their First Amendment rights.

Stories of pro-life advocates being treated unfairly are sweeping the nation.

And this university pulled out all the stops to silence a pro-life student group.

College campuses, which should be places for peaceful discourse, have recently seen some of the most grave instances of injustice.

The University of New Mexico recently found itself at the center of a controversy when it imposed a staggering $5,461.40 security fee on the university’s Students for Life chapter and Students for Life of America.

This move, deemed a violation of the student group and national pro-life organization’s constitutional rights, has ignited outrage and demands for justice.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a prominent legal advocacy organization, took swift action by sending a compelling letter to the University of New Mexico, condemning the exorbitant fee and asserting that it infringed upon the groups’ freedom of speech.

ADF attorneys, representing Students for Life of America (SFLA) and its local chapter, argued that universities have a sacred duty to protect the speech of all students.

Charging such an astronomical fee, they contend, constitutes a blatant violation of that duty.

The controversy arose after the student group invited SFLA President Kristan Hawkins to speak in April as part of her Lies Pro-Choicers Believe speaking tour.

Despite the event drawing no resistance or protests, the university insisted on charging the student group for the cost of 30 officers who provided security.

Astonishingly, this fee was based entirely on the university’s prediction that Hawkins’s speech might draw protests.

In essence, the university penalized the pro-life group for the potential actions of others, a move ADF called “unconstitutional.”

This incident is part of a worrying trend where educational institutions are using exorbitant fees and security costs as a deterrent to pro-life student activities.

For many, this not only violates the constitutional rights of students but also contradicts the very essence of education, which should encourage the exchange of ideas and foster constructive debates.

The letter sent by ADF raised critical questions about the university’s arbitrary discretion in determining security needs and the subsequent imposition of hefty fines on students.

ADF’s Senior Counsel, Travis Barham, emphatically stated that when a university discriminates against students based on the content of their speech, and how others might respond to it, that speech is not free – it becomes expensive.

The letter called upon the university to rescind the fee, urging them to uphold the core values of free speech.

In a strikingly similar incident at another public university, the University of Pittsburgh rescinded security fees charged to a student organization for a debate after ADF intervened.

This victory highlighted the importance of legal advocacy in ensuring that the fundamental right to free speech is protected, irrespective of one’s ideological beliefs.

As the battle for free speech rages on, we are left wondering: Are our voices being silenced under the guise of red tape?

The incident at the University of New Mexico serves as a stark reminder that the fight for free speech is far from over.

The outcome of this case will undoubtedly shape the future of campus discourse, impacting generations to come.

For now, the nation watches, waiting to see if the University of New Mexico will stand on the right side of history or succumb to the stifling of voices that dare to speak against the tide.

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