Top GOP experts warn candidates to stop cowering like Glenn Youngkin on the abortion issue

Photo by Tessa Rampersad from Unsplash

As the 2024 elections heat up, abortion has become a top issue.

But too many Republican candidates are trying to hide from the vital issue.

That’s why many top GOP experts are warning candidates to stop cowering like Glenn Youngkin on the abortion issue.

The Republican base, like most Americans, don’t like milquetoast and weak candidates.

Too many Republicans are cowering on life

But unfortunately, on the all-important issue of life, the Republican Party has far too many wimpy candidates and elected officials.

And that results in electoral losses like we saw in Virginia after Glenn Youngkin made selling out the pro-life base part of his election strategy.

Not surprisingly, Youngkin and the Virginia GOP suffered a humiliating defeat at the polls.

Despite this, a shocking number of GOP candidates are still spending 2024 hiding from the abortion issue.

Now, with so much at stake this year, there are a growing number of leading voices urging the party to get off the bench and into the fight.

The latest such voice is National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Richard Hudson (R-NC) who recently demanded more courage from GOP candidates. 

“You need to tell voters your position [on abortion],” said the head of the House’s Republican fundraising arm. 

“The mistaken idea that conservatives can simply continue letting the Democrats mischaracterize their positions on life is a losing proposition for 2024,” he said. 

“It’s time to stop being scared and start getting aggressive,” Hudson urged.

A hot stove

“[Our candidates] need to articulate their position to the voters,” he said, “because [right now] the voters think the Republican position is like, ‘We’ll throw you in jail if you get an abortion.’ We could have done a better job handling [abortion] last cycle, where the Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars on that topic, and we pretty much just treated it like a hot stove and didn’t touch it.”

And this year, Joe Biden and the Democrats are spending even more money on the topic.

Already, one of the Left’s super-PACs has pledged an amazing $200 million on television, social media, radio, and mail advertisements to try and accuse the GOP of supposedly having a “radical” position on life.

What Democrats won’t say, and what Republicans have been too afraid to say, is that the Democrat position on abortion is the one that is radical, even favoring abortion-on-demand up to the very moment of birth, and sometimes after. 

That, the GOP strategists are saying, is where conservatives have a powerful advantage. 

“Republicans don’t have a policy problem,” Hudson said. “We have a branding problem. We need to point out that the Democrat position is abortion for any reason, up until the moment of birth, paid for by taxpayers. That’s extreme.”

Even RINO Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel has been saying the same thing. “We shouldn’t be silent,” she insisted late last year. “Listen, we’re proud to be a party that stands for the unborn. And I think coming out of Roe, after 50 years of … people not having to navigate this issue, it’s really important that we define ourselves before the Democrats do. Let’s talk about pregnancy [care] centers. Let’s talk about getting rid of cumbersome regulation to adoption. But let’s also put the Democrats on the defense because they stand for late-term abortion. They stand for gender-selection abortion.”

“I will work alongside every single candidate,” McDaniel vowed, “but Democrats have nothing to run on except for abortion, and they spent $350 million on it in 2022. They are going to use the same playbook in 2024, and our candidates need to get up to speed and be able to go on TV and articulate where we stand — because when we do, we win.”

And the polling data proves this. “The first step in addressing the public perceptions of Republicans’ stance on abortion restrictions is to get a handle on the basics,” urged Amanda Iovino, polling director for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s 2021 campaign. “Americans generally favor some limits on abortion. As an October 2022 WPA Intelligence poll found, by a two-to-one margin, voters see no restrictions on abortion as ‘more extreme’ than limiting it with exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother’s life.”

She should know.

It was Youngkin’s sell-out on abortion that was largely responsible for the massive losses suffered by Virginia Republicans in 2023.

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