Top GOP Senator destroys pro-abortion professor with one simple question

Photo by Tammy Anthony Baker, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr,

It’s tough being the party of “science” when you refuse to accept the science of biology.

And the more the pro-abortion radicals try to explain it away, the worse it gets for them.

That’s how this top GOP Senator just destroyed a pro-abortion professor with one simple question.

“In this house we believe the science”

Most everyone has seen those signs in the front yards of radical leftists.

They are, of course, talking about climate change and COVID, claiming their view on that issue is the only scientific one.

While that is still open for much debate, when it comes to any other science these same leftists take a pass.

There is of course much in the news about transgenders and especially about forcing sex change operations on little children.

On that issue the “science” believers all of the sudden claim science isn’t absolute.

The same is true on the issue of abortion.

And this really came to light recently when Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) outraged a pro-abortion Congressional witness with a simple question about her perspective on abortion.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “the assault on reproductive rights in a post-Dobbs America,” Kennedy asked University of California-Irvine Chancellor’s Professor of Law Michele Goodwin whether she supports abortion up until birth. 

Of course the pro-abortion lobby has tried for years to claim a fetus is not a human until around 15 or 16 weeks.

But now that Roe has been overturned and pro-aborts are opposing even compromise abortion bans at 15 weeks, they’ve changed their tune.

They now want abortions legalized up until the moment of birth, and in some states even after birth.

A yes or no question

And that’s where Kennedy rankled the pro-abortion professor.

“I think this is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Do you support it being legal to abort an unborn child up to the moment of birth?” Kennedy asked.

Goodwin was uninterested in answering the question. 

Instead, she told Kennedy the question is more complicated than he believes.

Kennedy responded and told her he wanted her personal perspective.

“I’m just trying to understand your perspective, and I’m not accusing you of this. But, you know, people sort of talk around this issue,” he responded.

Then he asked her his question again: “If there were a bill that said that a woman has an unfettered right to abort an unborn baby for any reason up to the moment of birth, would you vote yes or would you vote no?”

Once again Goodwin refused to answer and tried to throw slavery into the equation, “Senator Kennedy, I refuse to be shackled by your question.” 

After several minutes of heated exchanges in which Goodwin and Kennedy talked over one another, Kennedy asked, “You’re advocating a law that says that an unborn baby can be aborted up to the moment of birth for any reason, are you not?”

“Let me clarify what the 14th Amendment says in the first sentence that citizens of the United States are individuals that are ‘born.’ That is what our Constitution says,” she responded. “Do you support our Constitution?”

Of course, that answer had nothing to do with Kennedy’s question, and that is exactly how the party of “science” avoids admitting that either they are wrong on the science, or they knowingly favor the mass slaughter of children.

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