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An 11-year-old girl experienced a brutal sexual assault and is dealing with unspeakable trauma.

But instead of helping her heal – the courts are making it worse.

And once you hear how a callous judge is forcing the young girl to kill her unborn baby against her will you will be downright furious.

Pregnant at 11 from sexual assault

A young girl was sexually assaulted by two teenage boys, and became pregnant.

While the sexual predators should be fully prosecuted to the highest extent of the law – the young girl should not be forced to endure more trauma.

When she found out she was pregnant – she wanted to move forward with her pregnancy – and at least experience some healing with a new life. 

Yet a callous UK judge decided it was in the young girl’s “best interest” to kill her unborn baby – even though the young girl didn’t want to.

The judge overruled the mother and the child

The young girl known as “AZ” and her mother were on board with keeping the baby. 

AZ even said being pregnant made her feel “special”.

But Justice Arbuthnot didn’t care if the girl wanted to keep her baby – and ordered the unborn baby to be killed.

In her ruling the judge said “When the many risks of continuing with the pregnancy were explained to her, AZ said she was ‘happy’ to be pregnant and wanted to continue with it,” The Sun reported.

As horrific as the circumstances were – further adding more trauma to a young girl by forcing her to get an abortion against her will is not the solution.

But the judge was relentless.

“Her views involved ‘naive magical thinking’ in her approach to the pregnancy,” Arbuthnot continued.

“She lacked the intellectual development and capacity to process the complexity of the decisions that had to be made and her emotional investment in one outcome was clearly clouding her judgement,” said Arbuthnot.

The Sun reported AZ allegedly ended up accepting the decision, but wanted the “experts to make the decision.”

Babies conceived by rape are still babies

Sexual predators who harm women should be severely punished.

But an unborn baby should not be forced to pay for the crime of their father.

Killing a baby won’t change the horrific ordeal that happened to a woman who was sexually assaulted.

In fact, many women who have become pregnant by rape actually claim having their baby and seeing a new miracle is what helped in their healing process.

Every baby is a life – and deserves the right to be born – regardless of how they were conceived.

Not to mention, no court should have the authority to order an abortion or force a pregnant mom to kill her baby against her will. 

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