Trump advisors risking everything with this dangerous move

During Donald Trump’s first presidency he often found himself up against wolves in sheep’s clothing who time and again tried to lead him into disaster.

While the former president certainly cleaned house a few times before leaving the White House, recent reports reveal some of his new advisors, many of whom are pro-abortion, may be just as bad as the previous ones.

And now these Trump advisors are risking everything with this dangerous move.

It’s no secret Joe Biden and Democrats are in deep trouble this Election Year.  

Bidenflation is taking a devastating toll on American families, war and unrest have broken out across the globe, and Joe Biden’s open border is an unmitigated economic, humanitarian and security disaster.

As a result, Biden and other Democrats who must face voters this November have no positive policy results on which to run and win.

But they believe they have an ace in the hole – abortion.

And if former President Trump continues listening to some of his advisors, they just might be right.

Recently, the Trump presidential campaign took the position that states should decide how to regulate abortion. 

Just days later, surely at the behest of his pro-abortion advisors, Trump publicly criticized an Arizona Supreme Court decision that upheld an 1864 law banning abortion without an exception for rape or incest, saying it went too far.

Pro-Life advocates across the country were shocked.

President Trump has repeatedly stated that he’s the most pro-life president in U.S. history, and his record up to now has backed up his claim.

Trump abandons his convictions at the urging of “experts” and RINOs 

It seems clear that Washington Insiders who have made careers out of losing elections by sacrificing their principles have their claws in him.

The Republican establishment consistently blames the abortion issue for their disastrous handling of the 2022 midterm elections.  

It’s the same song and dance we’ve heard for years from RINOs who can’t figure out that their reluctance to take and keep principled stands leads to defeat.

Now, Donald Trump whose greatest failure has been listening to Washington so-called “experts” is making that mistake again.

He’s abandoning a core principle – murder is evil – because politicos think sacrificing innocent babies will help him win the election.

They’re wrong.

Selling out his principles to secure a win in the fall could potentially cost him the White House.

Many pro-lifers are single issue voters. They will not support any candidate who doesn’t steadfastly oppose the murder of innocent children.

Moreover, they are dedicated campaigners who knock on doors, hold meet-and-greets, and give until it hurts.

Waffling on protecting the unborn is both morally wrong and political suicide.

Correcting this horrendous mistake

Trump needs to take his own advice.

He correctly stated, “A lot of politicians who are pro-life do not know how to discuss this topic, and they lose their election.”

Donald Trump needs to take the fight to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Their radical abortion-on-demand for all nine months of pregnancy at taxpayer expense policies are abhorrent to the vast majority of Americans, including the suburban women talking heads who may decide this year’s election.

Hammer them on it, and keep hammering them until every American can see the blood on their hands and the Democrats are running for cover.

President Trump, the lives of millions yet unborn depend on you, act worthy of yourself.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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