Trump’s latest “loyalty” tantrum just targeted one of the most conservative members of Congress

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is obsessed with politicians remaining “loyal” to him.

If Trump suspects even a hint of perceived betrayal – he goes off the deep end. 

And now Trump’s latest “betrayal revenge” target is one of the most conservative Pro-Life members of Congress. 

Endorse Trump forever – or else

Donald Trump demands every politician he’s ever supported to endorse his presidential campaign.

And anyone who doesn’t support Trump – or dares endorse a rock-solid conservative like Ron DeSantis – is now deemed an enemy of Trump.

Trump has targeted Iowa’s conservative Governor Kim Reynolds, because she backed Ron DeSantis.

And every member of Congress who has backed DeSantis has received the same fate – even if their voting record is solid.

Even politicians who have endorsed Trump twice before aren’t off the hook – if they don’t do it a third time.

And when one conservative Congressman decided to back DeSantis – Trump promised ultimate revenge.

Taking down Congressman Bob Good

Virginia Congressman Bob Good is one of the most conservative members of Congress.

He has a staunch Pro-Life record and was even elected chair of the House Freedom Caucus. 

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank hates Good so much – she called him a “legislative terrorist.”

Good even endorsed Donald Trump not once, but twice when he ran.

So why is Donald Trump targeting conservative Bob Good?

Because he endorsed Ron DeSantis.

When Good endorsed DeSantis, he didn’t say anything bad about Trump, and even committed to supporting him if he was the Republican nominee.

During a phone interview Good said, “I’ve supported President Trump 2016 and in 2020, and I would enthusiastically support President Trump if he was the nominee again.”

He continued, “But I endorsed Gov. DeSantis back in May because I believed, as I do now, that we need eight years of conservative leadership, and I believe that Gov. DeSantis gives us the best chance to win a general election. And I believe that the job that he did in Florida is the model for the country,” the Cardinal News reported.

Bob Good’s decision to endorse Ron DeSantis sent Trump off the deep end. 

Not only did Trump show support for Good’s opponent, but he vowed to destroy Congressman Bob Good. 

“Bob Good won’t be electable when we get done with him,” said Chris LaCivita, Trump’s campaign manager.

Trump’s scorched-earth mentality 

Donald Trump continues to send the message to every politician if they don’t endorse him – they are a target.

It doesn’t matter how conservative they are – or how much they have helped advance conservative principles.

Targeting Congressman Bob Good, one of the most conservative members in Congress, doesn’t help defeat the radical Left.

A politician should be free to endorse who they want without facing retribution.

But Trump’s obsession with blind loyalty is so intense he’s even willing to work with the Left to take down a staunch conservative and freedom fighter like Congressman Bob Good.

And if Trump’s plan to defeat Good actually works – the blood will be on his hands.

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