Tucker Carlson shocks his audience with a bold statement about this critical issue

Leftists view Tucker Carlson as enemy number one.

The former Fox News host stands for everything they hate.

But recently Tucker Carlson shocked his audience with a bold statement about this critical issue.

In a riveting and explosive interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson delivered a shocking revelation.

The host stunned his listeners with his strong stance on abortion. 

Carlson is known for his bold and unfiltered commentary, but this was next level. 

Carlson revealed his opinion that abortion is not merely a medical procedure but a “demonically driven human sacrifice” that acts as an “offering to the spirit world.” 

He delved deep into the spiritual and moral implications of abortion, challenging the narratives upheld by its proponents.

Carlson, who was raised in the Anglican church, admitted that he hadn’t always been deeply reflective about abortion. 

“I didn’t have a coherent theology other than, you know, I’m a Christian,” he told Jones. 

However, observing the current state of the world forced him to reconsider and think more deeply about the issue. 

His profound opposition to abortion stems from a fundamental belief in the sanctity of life. 

“I’ve always been totally opposed to abortion or killing the defenseless—really killing anybody, honestly, except for self-defense,” he revealed.

Carlson expressed his alarm at the increasing normalization and celebration of abortion. 

“All of the sudden people are saying, well, abortion is itself the point. Like having an abortion is just good for the sake of doing it,” he exclaimed. 

He was struck by the blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life. 

“They didn’t even attempt to convince you that you weren’t taking human life. And so, they’re basically saying killing people is a good thing. And I thought, well, that’s just a remarkable thing to say.”

Drawing historical parallels, Carlson pointed to ancient civilizations like the Canaanites, Mayans, Aztecs, and certain northern European peoples, all of whom practiced ritualistic killings as offerings to the spirit world. 

He argued that this disturbing pattern throughout history suggests an external influence. “There’s something about killing other people ritually as an offering to the spirit world that is a constant through human history,” Carlson noted. 

“And really the only logical answer is because some outside force was telling them that, right?”

In a previous interview with agnostic tech billionaire Bryan Johnson, Carlson asserted that human behavior is often influenced by forces beyond what we can see. 

“The most obvious explanation for human behavior is we’re being acted on by demons, and this is how every religion I’m aware of has described it, correctly in my opinion,” he stated. 

This belief in demonic influence extends to his views on abortion, which he sees as a ritualistic act encouraged by dark spiritual forces.

Carlson elaborated on this idea during his conversation with Jones, emphasizing the unnatural and counterintuitive nature of abortion. 

“Evolutionary biology tells us that the whole point of existence is to continue existence, is to pass on your genes to another generation, and then many more, right? And yet, every civilization from the beginning of time has reached the opposite conclusion: we will be happier by killing the fruit of our womb, children, and we will be rewarded by the gods for doing this. Every single civilization has reached that conclusion without any exception that I’m aware of.”

The interview comes at a critical time in the abortion debate in the United States. 

Since the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade in 2022, states have taken divergent paths on the issue. 

According to ABC News, as of last week, “14 states have ceased nearly all abortion services and three states have enacted six-week bans” while “at least nine states have no restrictions.” 

This legal patchwork reflects the deep division and ongoing battle over the morality and legality of abortion in America.

Carlson’s candid remarks resonate deeply with pro-life Americans who view abortion as a grave moral wrong. 

His argument that abortion is a form of human sacrifice influenced by demonic forces offers a stark and provocative perspective, challenging believers to reconsider the spiritual dimensions of this contentious issue.

In a world increasingly desensitized to the sanctity of life, Carlson’s courageous stand reminds us of the profound moral and spiritual implications of abortion. 

His powerful words serve as a clarion call to protect the unborn and uphold the value of every human life, echoing the timeless truths that underpin the pro-life movement.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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