Underage teen was set to have an abortion before this crisis pregnancy center changed everything

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A 15-year-old pregnant teen said her decision to get an abortion was “immediate.” 

But then she encountered the love of a crisis pregnancy center and everything changed.

And once you hear how crisis pregnancy workers saved the life of both a teen and her baby you are bound to be moved to tears.

A scared and vulnerable pregnant teen

In an anonymous post published by The Federalist, a young teen shared her horrible upbringing, which led to a series of bad decisions.

Raised in a trailer with no electricity by a drug-addicted mother, this teen never had a positive role model to steer her down the right path. 

And then when she learned she was pregnant at only 15-years-old – she was devastated.

She was already overwhelmed taking care of her younger siblings, and couldn’t imagine adding another life to care for.

“Getting an abortion was my immediate decision, thinking I could barely take care of myself let alone my three younger siblings. The mere thought of bringing a new life into this messy situation at my age was more than I could bear — or so I thought,” wrote the young teen.

The crisis pregnancy center that saved her life

When her high school teacher encouraged her to connect with the Pregnancy and Family Care Center (PFCC), the teen agreed looking for anyone to help her.

After learning about her options, she decided she couldn’t put her precious baby through an abortion nor deal with the regret of having made that deadly choice.

The young teen decided to keep her baby – and described the incredible way PFCC stepped up to help her through her pregnancy.

“They provided me and my baby with more free resources than I could imagine, ranging from ultrasounds to diapers, car seats, baby clothing and food, transportation, hygiene products, and even new clothes for me to wear at school — something I never had growing up,” wrote the young teen.

But then she highlighted the God-ordained way they saved her life.

“Most importantly, they helped me to discover a real relationship with Jesus Christ, accepting Him into my heart forever and then following the Lord through baptism,” the teen wrote.


Talk about an incredible testimony.

Here was a young teen who was certain she’d abort her precious baby . . .

. . . but because of Pro-Lifers living out their values this teen ended up choosing life – AND becoming a Christian!

Crushing the lies of the abortion industry 

The abortion industry continues to spread the false narrative that Pro-Lifers “don’t really care about women” and are only “pro-birth” not “Pro-Life.”

But if that were true, the crisis pregnancy center would have considered their job “done” as soon as the teen decided to keep her baby.

Instead, they walked alongside her and provided practical support and guidance so she could be an excellent mother to her baby.

“My surrounding community and the women at the PFCC have been blessings not only for me, but for my family and my child. We are able to heal because of their love and support. I will never be able to thank them enough or repay them for all they have done,” wrote the teen. 

“When I count my blessings each night, I count them, and my baby, twice,” she concluded.

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