University in hot water after promising to provide free abortions for all students

Leftists often use universities to execute their radical agenda, and it’s worse than ever.

College students are bombarded with left-wing propaganda the moment they step on campus, and now the abortion industry wants a shot at the action. 

And when this university allowed a group of college students to convince them to pay for abortions – they landed themselves in hot water like they’ve never seen.

University officials bowed down to a group of Wesleyan democratic socialists

College kids are known for having unreasonable demands.

Most adults simply nod and let college students have their protests and petitions.

But Wesleyan University officials actually bowed down to the demands of the school’s Young Democratic Socialist of America club (YDSA) and agreed to fund abortions for anyone who wanted one. 

The YDSA group circulated an insane petition demanding Wesleyan University pay for abortions (and transportation to them) claiming abortion “serves as an important framework for resisting white supremacist, colonialist, and capitalist forms of control,” reported The Blaze.

Laughable. Ridiculous. 

But Wesleyan University folks took it seriously – and decided they agreed. 

Free abortions for all 

Wesleyan University stated starting in the fall they will now cover all out-of-pocket expenses for abortion (after insurance coverage is met).

They also agreed to pay for all transportation costs to and from the abortion facility . . .

. . . and even pain meds for women after they’ve just killed their baby!

Absolute insanity.

Of course, YDSA is claiming victory in their influence of twisting the arms of university officials to bow down to their ridiculous demands.

“The Wesleyan Democratic Socialists fundamentally believe in the right to abortion access and bodily autonomy, as well as the power that students and young people have in determining their own futures, changing their realities, and building a better world,” YDSA wrote in a press release celebrating their victory. 

“At a time when the government is failing to defend people from right-wing, reactionary assaults on basic human rights, students are organizing, fighting back, and challenging the balance of power on college campuses,” the group continued.  

Go to college to kill your baby

Sometimes, women choose life simply because they can’t afford an abortion.

But thanks to Wesleyan University, now every woman has a chance to kill her baby – for free.

Of course, for women who become pregnant and choose life . . . 

. . . there are no options or resources for them.

“It saddened us that Wesleyan University is going to pay for the abortions of its students,” Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, told WTNH-TV.

Wolfgang pointed out the hypocrisy of only paying for abortions yet ignoring students who actually want to have their babies.

“If Wesleyan is willing to pay for the abortions of its student, then it ought to pay for the live birth for their students as well including childcare for the students, who are attending classes and interviewing for jobs and medical care, too,” Wolfgang continued. 

The abortion industry celebrated yet another win in working through college students to push their radical agenda.

But their “victory” cheers cannot cover up the blood money being spent to slaughter unborn babies. 

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