University of Houston students push back against school’s decision to display this hate-filled statue

Texas is heating up with a fiery battle against a controversial statue set to grace the grounds of the University of Houston.

While it’s no secret most university administrators are part of the radical Left, this latest is nothing short of evil.

And now, University of Houston students are pushing back against the school’s decision to display this hate-filled statue.

In a move that has ignited outrage among pro-life Americans, particularly students of the college, the university is gearing up to unveil a towering monument dubbed “Witness,” described by critics as a tribute to feminism, abortion, and the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But many U of H students, especially pro-life ones, are not going to stand for this monstrosity. 

Standing at a staggering 18 feet tall, this provocative statue has raised eyebrows and tempers alike. 

Texas Right to Life, a stalwart defender of the unborn, has sounded the alarm, calling for the university to cancel its plans to display what they’ve branded as a “satanic” symbol of death and destruction.

Described as an “18-foot-tall naked female figure with braids shaped like goat horns and arms like tentacles,” the bronze behemoth dons a lace collar reminiscent of Ginsburg’s iconic style. 

But for pro-life advocates, this is no tribute; it’s a grotesque mockery of life and a celebration of the culture of death.

The university defends its decision, touting the statue as a beacon of “artistic expression” that encourages critical reflection on important issues. 

But for those on the frontlines of the pro-life movement, there’s nothing artistic about glorifying abortion and feminism.

Artist Shahzia Sikander, the mastermind behind the controversial creation, insists that “Witness” is a symbol of justice for women. 

Yet, critics argue that it glorifies disobedience to God and celebrates the destruction of innocent life.

“In the process, is the dismissal, too, of the indefatigable spirit of women who have been collectively fighting for their right to their own bodies over generations,” Sikander defended in a public statement.

But for Texas Right to Life, there’s no room for compromise when it comes to defending the sanctity of life. 

They’ve launched a blistering petition to keep the “satanic abortion idol out of Texas” and are gearing up for a peaceful protest at the university as the exhibit opens.

“A statue honoring child sacrifice has no place in Texas,” they declared on their website, rallying their supporters to stand firm against the encroachment of darkness.

As the battle rages on, the fight for life is reaching a fever pitch in Texas. 

Will the University of Houston heed the call to cancel this blasphemous display, or will they stand by as the culture of death marches triumphantly onto their campus?

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.