Violence erupted on one Virginia college campus as radical pro-aborts shut down a private event

Jeff Auth at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The radical pro-abortion movement is becoming increasingly violent and unhinged.

And they are willing to attack and commit violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

That’s why violence erupted on one Virginia college campus as radical pro-abortionist shut down a private event.

It’s almost becoming too predictable.

A Pro-Life speaker gets set to hold a speech on college campus, and the pro-aborts use every violent trick in the leftist handbook to shut them down and silence them.

“We will not be deterred”

Reported Antifa members and pro-abortion thugs stormed a Pro-Life meeting at Virginia Commonwealth University recently.

They began by shouting down the Pro-Lifers, then resorted to violence, hurting one student, damaging equipment, and stealing property, resulting in two arrests and the event getting shut down.

Mind you, this all took place while campus security watched and did nothing.

“We will not be deterred. The Pro-Life Generation has come to expect these sort of things and we will be back to attempt what we tried to attempt this evening, a productive, peaceful conversation,” Students for Life posted on an Instagram video that showed the violent incident. 

Students for Life at VCU, an affiliate of the nation’s premiere Pro-Life organization, was set to hold a meeting featuring a talk from the group’s national President Kristan Hawkins. 

Free speech and the protection of the unborn was just too much for the violent pro-aborts to handle.

And the event soon became unruly, devolved into pro-abortion protesters chanting, “Fascists go home” and “F— Pro-Life,” and then turned into violence. 

“When will law enforcement begin to take threats against Pro-Lifers seriously?”

The Pro-Life group is taking issue with how school police handled the matter.

The Students for Life Instagram post pointedly asked: “When will law enforcement begin to take threats against Pro-Lifers seriously?”

“At first, we were taken from the room by campus and city police, and it seemed like it was for our protection, but as it went on, we realized that we were being detained and the protesters were free to go,” Hawkins told Fox News Digital of how the disruption played out. 

At least 12 Pro-Lifers were detained for more than two hours, according to Students for Life, with Hawkings adding, “Police did not walk us to our cars, and we had to walk through some of the protesters to leave.”

This only occurred long after the police were called and was told there were issues and the Pro-Life students and speakers needed protection from the violent mob.

VCU to be held accountable

After the violent incident, Students for Life issued a call on VCU to invite Hawkins back to the campus and to ensure the safety of attendees at the meeting.

They also have asked for payment for the items that were damaged and stolen, and for the school to pay for medical treatment for the group’s student leader who was assaulted and injured, and for VCU to cover security for the leader.

Currently, Students for Life is paying for the security for her at their expense given the injuries she suffered in the attack, and the threats of future violence made against her.

So far, VCU has refused to respond, according to the organization. 

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.