Violent abortionist assaulted peaceful Pro-Lifer in a shocking display of rage

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Angry pro-abortion activists regularly assault peaceful Pro-Lifers . . . 

. . . but this time it was the abortionist himself who launched the vicious attack.

And a violent abortionist assaulted a peaceful Pro-Lifer in a shocking display of rage.

An abortionist runs over the leg of a praying man

Mark Zimmerman regularly prays outside an abortion center in Saginaw, Michigan.

But abortionist Theodore Roummel doesn’t like Zimmerman’s Pro-Life presence – so he decided to run him over with his car not once – but twice!

“I was standing in the driveway and the abortionist ran over my leg [using his vehicle],” Zimmerman told LifeSiteNews.

 “And then he had to reverse to get off my leg, so he ran me over twice,” Zimmerman continued.

When the police came, Roummel insisted Pro-Lifers “always run in front of him” . . .

. . . and despite the multiple witnesses who saw Roummel run over Zimmerman’s leg – the police decided not to arrest him – freeing Roummel to continue aborting babies that day.

And it wasn’t the first time . . .

As shocking as this event was – it turns out this was not the first time Roummel ran over a peaceful Pro-Lifer.

According to LifeSiteNews – in 2012 Roummel ran over Pro-Life Michigan Director Lynn Mills.

That time he was arrested and put on probation for six months . . . 

. . . but apparently, he didn’t learn his lesson.

Pro-Lifer is seriously injured in brutal attack

Zimmerman wasn’t “faking” his injuries – and had to get a rod with pins and screws to treat his fractured tibia, which was close to his ankle. 

He claims he has a walker and wheelchair he’s using – but that his beloved wife is helping take care of him.

To think, all of this pain and suffering occurred simply because Zimmerman was exercising his First Amendment right outside an abortion clinic. 

The attack to silence Pro-Lifers failed yet again

Roummel hoped that running over Pro-Lifers for over a decade would make them stop praying and standing outside his abortion facility.

But as he’s quickly learning – Pro-Lifers won’t be stopped or silenced – even by pro-abortion thugs like him.

What the abortion industry fails to realize is Pro-Lifers operate with a higher-calling that surpasses human understanding.

Pro-abortion radicals live their lives full of rage and desperation . . .  

. . . but Pro-Lifers are principled and their Pro-Life beliefs are down to the very core of who they are.

“Once I’m all done with this whole ordeal, I will continue to go back and continue ministering. I feel God called me to do this,” Zimmerman told LifeSiteNews.

“I’m moving forward and telling people that I do forgive this gentleman for his actions, as a believer in Jesus Christ, but I do want to see justice prevail. I don’t consider myself a hero of any kind. Keep up the fight for life, and remember that God has not given us a spirit of fear,” Zimmerman continued.

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