Violent pro-abortion thugs assault Pro-Lifers in this shocking bloody attack

Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Abortion activists continue to unleash their rage onto Pro-Lifers and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

Peaceful Pro-Lifers are getting assaulted in droves – yet the Biden administration remains silent. 

And in the latest violent attack against Pro-Lifers, pro-abortion thugs sent a man to the hospital in this shocking bloody attack. 

A sidewalk lined with blood 

Two Pro-Life men were viciously assaulted outside a Planned Parenthood in Baltimore – sending one to the hospital with a fractured bone in his face.

The unprovoked attack was carried out by a pro-abortion thug who slammed one Pro-Life man into the glass of a building.

When the second Pro-Lifer, Mark Crosby, went to assist his friend, the violent assailant hit him so hard in the face Crosby fell to the ground . . .

. . . and then was kicked and further assaulted by the pro-abortion lunatic.

Crosby was hospitalized with unidentified bleeding

The first Pro-Lifer had injuries and is recovering at home, but Crosby was sent to the hospital due to the severity of his injuries. 

Local Pro-Lifer John Roswell emailed that Crosby’s “plate bone in his upper right cheek is completely fractured,” and that Crosby “is bleeding from some unidentified area behind his eye and the bone eye orbit is completely shattered and will have to be replaced with metal,” reported LifeSiteNews.

Crosby was attacked for peacefully praying 

Baltimore County Right to Life President Dr. Jay Walton started a GoFundMe campaign for Crosby and wrote “One of our volunteers, Mark Crosby, was brutally beaten on May 26, 2023 while he was praying in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City. Mark is currently in the hospital being treated for the serious injuries he sustained.”

“For years, Mark has prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City to let the scared, young abortion-minded women know that they are loved, that their baby is loved,” Walton continued. 

Hospitalized simply for praying.

This is how abortion activists deal with anyone who disagrees with them. 

To abortion thugs the only acceptable “choice” is death

The pro-abortion crowd may claim to be “pro-choice” – but the only “choice” they support is the killing of unborn babies.

Women who enter abortion slaughterhouses like Planned Parenthood aren’t told of the life-saving choices like adoption.

Instead, they are coerced and convinced their only “choice” is to kill their baby.

And this latest attack on peaceful Pro-Lifers like Mark Crosby proves if anyone “interferes” even by their sheer presence outside slaughterhouses like Planned Parenthood they’ll be attacked. 

Violence is nothing new to the Left – for generations they have used this tactic as an attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda.

But one thing is certain – abortion thugs may have the tool of violence – but they’ve underestimated the steadfast and unbreakable spirit of the Pro-Life movement who will not be silent until every baby is safe. 

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