Virginia’s RINO Governor Glenn Youngkin just backstabbed Pro-Lifers with this disgusting action

Photo by Virginia Office of the Governor via flickr

The 2024 Presidential race is already heating up.

And Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin is being talked about as a potential GOP candidate for the White House.

But Youngkin just backstabbed Pro-Lifers with this disgusting action that will cost him dearly.

When Glenn Youngkin first announced he was seeking the GOP nomination for Governor in the Old Dominion, he promised anyone who would listen that on one issue he was 100% and would never compromise.

That issue was life.

Just another typical RINO lying to the base

But it wasn’t even days after winning the GOP nomination that Youngkin began the sellout on the issue.

He began spewing compromise solutions and talking about toning down the expectations.

And he even sent his minions to the legislature to order them not to even introduce Pro-Life legislation.

In fact, one Delegate had just dropped a strong Pro-Life bill into the hopper when she was visited by a leader of one of Virginia’s establishment access-based Pro-Life groups.

The Delegate was told in no uncertain terms that Governor Youngkin did not want her bill to ever see the light of day.

Unfortunately for Pro-Lifers, the Delegate relented and pulled her bill.

This is the type of man Glenn Youngkin really is.

Now during this year’s session of the legislature, sources are reporting that Youngkin administration staff have been and are quietly putting down the 15-week abortion bill, and any other Pro-Life legislation that has been introduced.

Keeping promises and passing good bills just aren’t a priority

The 15-week limit on abortion, which is hardly a ban and barely even a Pro-Life bill at all, is already dead.

It met its demise at the hands of Republican State Senator Siobhan Dunnavant who announced she will be voting against the bill.

Most astute observers in Richmond believe it was pressure from the Youngkin camp that ended up killing this very weak Pro-Life bill.

Youngkin wants to save his political capital for a coming fight with Senate Democrats (and some Republicans) on his budget, which he claims has $1 billion in tax relief for Virginia businesses.

With Virginia’s RINO Governor turning his attention toward national office, Youngkin is deciding to fight only the battles he believes he can win.

And to Hell with the babies and women destroyed by abortion.

Of course, his actions beg the question of what Glenn Youngkin truly believes.

This could be a major problem for Youngkin heading into a 2024 Presidential fight.

Hard to beat Donald Trump’s Pro-Life accomplishments

The GOP base that will decide the eventual nominee is at its core Pro-Life.

And Donald Trump came through for the Pro-Life activists where all other GOP presidents had failed.

It was due to Trump’s Supreme Court picks that Roe v. Wade was finally overturned.

Glenn Youngkin can do almost nothing to top that, and it turns out he doesn’t even care about the plight of the pre-born, despite what his establishment cronies try to claim.

And Youngkin’s Gucci-wearing consultants are already looking to try and win over other portions of the GOP base, namely the RINO crowd.

They are hoping to have Youngkin rise to the top of the Never-Trump heap and appeal to the Bush-Cheney establishment wing of the party.

That’s why Youngkin has sold out on everything from life to school choice.

Unfortunately Youngkin is getting bad advice from his high-priced consultants, who have tried and failed to win Presidential nominations in the past.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.