Vulnerable pregnant moms have a safe place to rest thanks to these courageous Pro-Lifers

Many pregnant moms choose abortion because they feel it is their only option.

But a group of Pro-Lifers came together to show pregnant moms there are resources available to help them choose life.

And now a group of vulnerable pregnant moms have a safe place to rest thanks to these courageous Pro-Lifers. 

A safe place to sleep

While it’s difficult to imagine, many people in the United States struggle to find safe housing.

Some women live in homes with domestic violence.

Other single and pregnant moms simply can’t afford to pay their rent and find themselves moving from place to place, sleeping wherever they can. 

House of Ruth Pregnancy Care Center is a Christian non-profit dedicated to mothers and families and wanted to change the narrative and do something to help.

A five-bedroom home named The Carpenter’s House was purchased to help pregnant moms (and their children) and provide them a safe place to live with caseworkers to help them.

So far, four women have received housing help through The Carpenter’s House.

Rebuilding the broken

A promo video for The Carpenter’s House tells the heart behind the mission and the name.

“House of Ruth feels like it is our duty to do everything organically possible to assist our clients in choosing life for their babies,” the video narrator starts off.

“Due to the current housing crisis, House of Ruth has purchased a five-bedroom, four bath home. We have named it The Carpenter’s House because it belongs to Jesus and He is constantly building and rebuilding the broken,” the video continued.

Women and children who qualify are able to call The Carpenter’s House home – and one woman who lived there even accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and was baptized, reported Life News.

Truly caring for women

In addition to The Carpenter’s House, House of Ruth has a variety of free services to help pregnant moms.

They offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and even a baby boutique full of everything from diapers and wipes to car seats and strollers to help new moms care for their babies. 

The abortion lobby continues to lie to scared pregnant women, telling them abortion is their only option.

Many women would choose life if they knew help was available.

Pro-Life Ministries like House of Ruth continue to show the tangible love of Jesus by providing for those in need and empowering moms to choose life.

House of Ruth even has an abortion pill reversal nurse dedicated to help moms who pop abortion drugs and then have a change of heart.

While the abortion industry continues to leave women bloodied and bruised – places like House of Ruth serve as a beacon of light in the darkness.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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