Walgreens forced a pregnant employee to make an unthinkable choice

A pregnant Walgreens employee was having complications during her pregnancy.

But instead of accommodating her, Walgreens did just the opposite.

And as a result, the pregnant employee was forced to make an unthinkable choice.

A cruel store manager refused to help

A pregnant Walgreens employee experienced bleeding and spotting while at work. 

Since the employee had medical conditions like diabetes and hypoglycemia – she was concerned about her spotting and asked her manager for unscheduled emergency leave so she could seek medical care.

But the store manager refused claiming there was no one to “cover for her.”

And instead of immediately allowing the pregnant employee to seek medical care, the employee was told she already had “too many accommodations.”

Left with no choice, the pregnant employee was forced to resign so she could seek care for her unborn baby.

A tragic miscarriage 

The employee was determined to make sure her baby was okay, but upon seeking medical care she learned she had a miscarriage.


A pregnancy discrimination lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Walgreens agreed to pay $205,000 to the grieving mom.

In a press release, EEOC reiterated the need for employers to accommodate pregnant employees.

Rudy Sustaita, a regional attorney in the EEOC Houston office said, “Employers must ensure that pregnant workers are afforded equal employment opportunities.”

Sustaita continued, “Employers must consider an employee’s request for reasonable accommodation, including a request for leave, and grant that request when it is not an undue hardship.” 

Senior trial attorney Elizabeth Owen agreed.

“Miscarriages can be personally devastating. No one should have to choose between getting the pregnancy care they need and losing a job,” said Owen.

It’s hard to believe pregnancy discrimination is still happening to moms, but it is.

If the store manager had immediately allowed the pregnant mom to get help – her baby might still be here today.

The glaring double standard

While employers are practically tripping over themselves to offer pregnant moms “abortion accommodations” . . . 

. . . even offering to fund their “abortion travel” – pregnant moms continue to be discriminated against.

Women who choose abortion are seen as “strong” and “courageous” – yet women who choose to have their babies are looked down upon and seen as an inconvenience.

Many employers would rather a woman abort her baby so she could be “more productive” at work.

Instead of accommodating pregnant moms and helping them with any complications that may arise – these employees are viewed as a nuisance. 

As a result, some pregnant women continue to experience miscarriages at work because of ruthless managers who put their bottom line over protecting their pregnant employee and their baby.  

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