Well known pro-life advocate outlines what’s next for the movement after devastating loss in Ohio

Photo by Ana Tablas from Unsplash

The pro-life movement saw a setback earlier this month in Ohio.

But according to one well known pro-life advocate it isn’t the end of the road. 

And what’s next for the pro-life movement should give every pro-lifer hope.

Ohio recently witnessed a profound loss as voters approved a constitutional amendment solidifying an individual’s right to abortion. 

Lila Rose, the founder and president of Live Action, expressed her dismay over this tragic loss, highlighting the urgent need for a strategic reassessment within the pro-life movement.

The approved Ohio constitutional amendment establishes an unequivocal right to reproductive medical treatment, including abortion, and provides legal protections for those assisting individuals in accessing such treatment. 

Pro-choice advocates, backed by formidable entities like Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, and the ACLU of Ohio, campaigned vigorously in favor of the amendment, significantly outspending pro-life supporters.

Lila Rose, acknowledging the formidable financial challenges faced by the pro-life movement, stressed the need to redouble efforts and address the overwhelming financial support flowing into pro-abortion campaigns. 

She said, “There’s been obviously tremendous backlash from the pro-abortion side since the overturning of Roe and incredible amounts of cash that have just been poured into these state votes. And I mean, in the state of Ohio, estimates right now are that the pro-life side is outspent by at least 12 million in the midterms. Last year, there were some estimates that the pro-life ads are outspent 35 to 1 by pro-abortion ads. So there’s just incredible amounts of money coming in from abortion advocates. And I do think we need to up our game with money.”

The staggering financial statistics reveal a considerable gap – one that pro-lifers must work harder to overcome. 

In 2022, an astronomical $391 million was spent on pro-abortion TV ads compared to a mere $11 million on GOP ads. 

While acknowledging the defeat in Ohio as a substantial blow, Senator JD Vance echoed the sentiment that giving up on the unborn is not an option. 

He emphasized the importance of understanding the reasons behind the loss and called for a strategic reevaluation to secure victories in the future.

Lila Rose joined Vance in urging politicians to lead with truthful messaging, without attempting to straddle both sides of the abortion debate. 

She emphasized the significance of authenticity in messaging, asserting that politicians need to be unafraid to present the truth about abortion, irrespective of potential disagreements. 

Courage and vision, according to Rose, are paramount to achieving victory in the ongoing battle.

Despite the setback in Ohio, the pro-life movement remains resilient and determined. 

Ohio joins the ranks of states that have passed measures protecting abortion rights since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, including California, Vermont, and Michigan. 

Additionally, Kansas voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have allowed lawmakers to regulate abortion in the state.

Lila Rose said, “People don’t recognize the evil that it is. They don’t recognize that it’s the murder of a child. And so when we focus on tangential issues or we go on to the talking points of the opposition, which are very deceptive about words like ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘women’s rights,’ which don’t reflect in any way what abortion actually is, which is the killing of a child, then we lose the opportunity to win.”

As the pro-life movement looks ahead, Rose emphasized a more robust and involved approach, leading with a clear message that educates voters on the true nature of abortion before they head to the polls. 

The pro-life movement, Rose concluded, cannot afford to back down or blame circumstances; instead, it must redouble efforts, become more strategic, and emerge victorious in the battles to come.

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