What Ellen DeGeneres said about protecting the preborn will leave you scratching your head

Photo by Vitaly Sacred from Unsplash

The Hollywood elite are often known for their radical left-leaning views. 

But sometimes their opinions are downright confusing!

And what Ellen DeGeneres said about protecting the preborn will leave you scratching your head.

In an unsurprising twist of moral contradictions, Hollywood celebrities, known for their fervent animal rights advocacy, are keeping eerily silent on a matter that demands their compassion and attention — the intentional killing of defenseless preborn human beings through abortion. 

Many Americans are questioning the sincerity of these celebrities, who champion animal welfare while supporting the brutality of abortion:

Miley Cyrus: Vegan Advocate with a Dark Side

Miley Cyrus, a prominent vegan advocate and recipient of the PETA Best Voice 4 Animals award, has been an outspoken supporter of animal rights. 

However, her advocacy takes a dark turn as she aligns herself with Planned Parenthood, promoting abortion as healthcare. 

Her response to a pro-life critique on Instagram reveals a stark lack of compassion for the unborn, showcasing the inconsistency in her advocacy.

Ellen DeGeneres: From Animal Advocate to Abortion Advocate

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres has extended her compassion to endangered species through her Ellen Fund. 

Yet, her vocal support for abortion rights, expressed in tweets and public statements, raises eyebrows. 

The incongruity in championing the protection of animals while endorsing the termination of human lives highlights the celebrity’s conflicting values.

Natalie Portman: A Tale of Selective Kindness

Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman, a vocal vegan and animal rights activist, finds herself at the center of feminist outrage for celebrating motherhood. 

Despite advocating for kindness and respect toward all living beings, Portman’s support for abortion rights contradicts her professed ideals. 

The actress’s stance on abortion, articulated in social media posts, exposes a selective application of her advocacy for kindness.

Chelsea Handler: A Comedian’s Double Standard

Chelsea Handler, applauded by PETA for her stance against fur and support for adopting animals, takes a puzzling turn as a notable abortion activist. 

In her partnership with Reproductive Freedom for All, Handler vehemently opposes Justice Brett Kavanaugh, linking the abortion fight to women’s equality. 

The comedian’s inconsistency in championing the rights of animals while advocating for abortion raises questions about the depth of her ethical convictions.

P!nk and Lizzo: PETA Partners in Pro-Abortion Anthems

Singer P!nk, celebrated by PETA for her anti-fur campaigns, slams pro-life groups in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s reversal. 

Her provocative tweet threatens to alienate listeners who hold differing views on abortion, revealing a stark departure from her animal advocacy.

Lizzo, another PETA ally, stands at the forefront of pro-abortion activism. 

Despite her contributions to animal rights campaigns, her support for abortion, showcased at award ceremonies and through endorsements of pro-abortion figures, points to a disconcerting moral disconnect.

Billie Eilish: A Singer’s Diverging Compassion

Billie Eilish, an animal rights activist vocal against fur and factory farming, takes a sharp turn when addressing abortion during concerts. 

Eilish’s condemnation of pro-life legislation and her financial support for Planned Parenthood underscore a disconcerting inconsistency in her advocacy.

The unsettling hypocrisy of celebrities advocating for animals while tacitly endorsing abortion prompts reflection among pro-life Americans. 

The dissonance between their genuine concern for animals and apparent disregard for the unborn raises questions about the sincerity of their advocacy.

As these celebrities engage in activism for animal welfare, pro-life advocates challenge them to extend their compassion to the most vulnerable human beings on the planet — the unborn. 

The moral incongruity revealed in their simultaneous support for animal rights and abortion demands a deeper examination of the values these celebrities claim to champion. 

The unborn, too, deserve compassion, protection, and a voice against the brutality of abortion.

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