What J.D. Vance told NBC’s Kristen Welker about abortion pills had pro-life Americans shaking their heads in disbelief

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance is on Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential shortlist.

Vance calls himself a pro-life conservative.

But what J.D. Vance told NBC’s Kristen Welker about abortion pills had pro-life Americans shaking their heads in disbelief.

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance was first elected to the Upper Chamber in 2022.

When running for office in 2022, Vance spoke out against the ballot initiative to legalize abortion on demand up until birth in Ohio.

“I guess I have this crazy idea that we ought to protect every single human life in this country,” Vance told supporters at one rally.

“Now, I understand abortion is a tough issue,” he said. “Maybe you’re not pro-life like I am, maybe you disagree,” he continued. “But I think all of us can agree, we do not think that you should be able to abort a fully grown baby – it’s just crazy.”

After the abortion referendum passed, Vance spoke about the crushing loss for the pro-life movement.

“For pro lifers, last night was a gut punch,” he wrote on X. “No sugar coating it.” 

“Giving up on the unborn is not an option,” he continued. “It’s politically dumb and morally repugnant. Instead, we need to understand why we lost this battle so we can win the war.”

But like Donald Trump, Vance also supports “the exceptions” for abortion.

And in a recent appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Vance told host Kristen Welker that he supports the abortion pill Mifepristone.

“Do you support access to abortion medication as Donald Trump does?” Welker asked Vance.

“On the question of the abortion pill, what so many of us have said is look, the Supreme Court made a decision saying that the American people should have access to that medication,” he said.  “Donald Trump has supported that opinion,” he continued. “I support that opinion.”

“Just to be clear, you support Mifepristone being accessible?” Welker asked for a second time.

“Yes, Kristen, I do,” Vance fired back.

Democrats frequently claim that mifepristone is 100% safe for pregnant women to use for an abortion.

But abortion pills are dangerous.

The Republican Party is already trying to distance itself from pro-life voters.

Candidates from Donald Trump on down are making compromises on the abortion issue.

There’s even talk of removing the pro-life language from the platform at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That’s why Vance’s support for abortion pills should concern pro-life Americans.

J.D. Vance is at the top of Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential shortlist.

If Trump selects Vance, then he will automatically be the frontrunner in 2028.

Republicans need to move the Party toward the pro-life side, not away from it.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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