What Kelly Clarkson said about whether this group of babies should live will make your blood boil

Another day, another Hollywood celebrity voices their political opinions.

But this time, what was said is downright evil.

What Kelly Clarkson said about whether this group of babies should live will make your blood boil.

Kelly Clarkson and Hillary Clinton are two peas in a pod – but not in a good way.

An explosive dialogue between the two revealed the horrifying truth of how they think the world should work. 

But things escalated to a whole new level of insanity when Kelly Clarkson told Hillary Clinton it was ‘insane’ to let this group of babies live.

Clarkson and Hillary join in solidarity 

The anti-life Left is still spewing with rage after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pro-Lifers.

They just can’t stand it that unborn lives are still protected in some states.

On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson brought on Hillary Clinton as her guest to commiserate about the “tragedy” in Arizona.

But Clarkson took things to a new dark level.

According to Clarkson, the archaic laws from the past are “literally killing people” – as she expressed her frustration over lives being spared in Arizona. 

“Did you ever think in your lifetime that we would see that happen- and like how – it’s just insane to me, the thinking that went on in 1864 — like it’s a very different world, we know a lot more now — that we’re going backwards,” Clarkson told Hillary.

Of course, Hillary agreed.

“I know,” Hillary said nodding her head.

Clinton continued to claim it was “horrifying in every way” that babies would be protected in Arizona.

Babies conceived in rape don’t deserve to live

In her bizarre rant, Hillary claimed it was “cruel” to ban abortions and not allow any exceptions in cases like rape or incest . . . 

. . . as if innocent unborn babies somehow had the choice to decide how they were conceived.

What’s cruel is slaying the life of an innocent and vulnerable baby – who doesn’t have the ability to protect itself.

But Clarkson disagrees.

Clarkson could not fathom that babies conceived in rape would have the right to live – claiming it was “insane” to her.

But the only “insanity” in the fight for life is the notion that any baby should be sentenced to die. 

Abortion is on the ballot

Joe Biden has made it clear he will do whatever he can to expand abortion.

And politicians running for office at all levels are pledging to carry his pro-abortion torch.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must keep the pressure on politicians at every level of government – from Donald Trump all the way down into the local level – to stand strong for life.

Hillary Clinton and Kelly Clarkson might think unborn babies don’t deserve the chance at life.

And while the Left thinks they’ve already won, it’s not over yet.

There is an army of Pro-Lifers who are committed to defending life at conception and will continue to peacefully speak out to defend unborn babies, regardless of how they were conceived.    

Check out the insane remarks between Hillary Clinton and Kelly Clarkson below.

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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