What pro-abortion radicals did to save a Florida abortion mill will leave you speechless

Lorie Shaull from St Paul, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Abortion mills are not known for their above board and ethical behavior.

And now, they are flagrantly violating the law in their quest to slaughter more babies.

And what pro-abortion radicals did to save a Florida abortion mill will leave you speechless.

Not long ago, one of the few abortion mills left in Orlando, Florida, looked like it would have to shut down.

Flagrantly violating the law

A government agency had ordered the abortion mill to pay $193,000 in fines for flagrantly violating Florida law requiring 24-hour waiting period before performing abortions.

The fines were getting to the point where they might be enough to potentially bankrupt the clinic.

But supporters of the abortion mill, the Center of Orlando for Women, had an idea.

They decided to fundraise to try and keep the murders going.

A whole new twist on murder for hire.

Sadly, within days, they succeeded.

After just a few days, the fundraiser had brought in more than $199,000 to keep the light on and the murders happening.

Disgustingly, more than 5,500 people donated to this murder for hire scheme.

A hub of abortion tourism

Orlando is known as a tourist destination.

But not all tourists are there to visit the woke, groomerland that is Disney.

Many who fly to Orlando do it with murder on their minds.

And had the Center of Orlando for Women shut down, abortions on women from across the south would have been affected. 

Because Florida is one of the few southern states that still permits abortion.

But even though the Orlando abortion mill is still killing on a regular basis, the future of abortion in the Sunshine State is uncertain.

Florida already bans abortion past 15 weeks of pregnancy, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed a six-week abortion ban into law earlier this year (It is currently on hold pending a review by the state’s supreme court of the 15-week ban).

The fines the abortion mill was assessed arose from a 2015 law mandating patients wait 24 hours between getting an initial consultation for an abortion and undergoing the procedure. 

Litigation by pro-abortion radicals put that law in limbo for seven years, but last year a judge agreed to let it take effect. 

And a few weeks later, that judge issued a court order confirming that the 24-hour waiting period was now law.

The Agency of Health Care Administration ultimately fined the Center of Orlando for Women for performing 193 abortions without waiting the required 24 hours, according to court records. 

The agency then fined the abortion mill $1,000 for each of those abortions.

The Center of Orlando for Women was not the only abortion clinic to receive fines.

Of the 55 licensed abortion mills in Florida, 14 have broken the law, a staffer at the Agency for Health Care Administration testified in court. 

Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani, a Democrat who represents Orlando, says she thinks she knows why Florida slammed the center with such heavy fines.

“This is a local abortion provider that is being charged excessive fees by AHCA all designed to shut them down,” Eskamani tweeted in August. She then shared a link to the fundraiser.

Well, let’s hope that was and is their reasoning.

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