What these pro-abortion politicians did to a pregnancy center will have you steaming mad

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Since the historical reversal of Roe v. Wade pro-abortion radicals have become more emboldened than ever.

They will stop at nothing to shut down every pregnancy center in the country.

And what these pro-abortion politicians did to a pregnancy center will have you steaming mad.

In a battle to protect life, Real Alternatives, a vital pregnancy support service funding over 80 centers in Pennsylvania, finds itself in the crosshairs of political maneuvering. 

Governor Josh Shapiro’s decision to cut funding has triggered a financial crisis, putting the future of life-affirming centers at stake.

Since Shapiro’s controversial move over four months ago, Real Alternatives has become a household name in Pennsylvania, with ads saturating TV, radio, and social media. 

The president and CEO of Real Alternatives, Kevin Bagatta, emphasized that the lost seven million dollars “do not belong to Shapiro” and vowed not to give up on the mission to support pregnant women and families in need.

Despite the adversity, Bagatta remains hopeful, spreading the word to donors about the urgent need for financial support to keep the impacted centers operational. 

The current requirement is four million dollars to navigate the fiscal year, and Bagatta believes that pro-life Pennsylvanians will rise to the occasion. 

He states, “We need at least $500,000 per month coming in” to ensure survival during the critical first six months.

Shapiro’s decision to redirect funding through a Request for Application (RFA) poses a significant threat. 

Bagatta fears that “Our funding will go to Planned Parenthood,” signaling a potential shift in resources from life-affirming centers to abortion providers.

Real Alternatives has devised a strategic response with a robust advertising campaign to counterbalance the influence of Planned Parenthood. 

Bagatta underscores the urgency, stating, “Fifty-five percent of abortions are RU486. The abortion clinic is the mailbox,” highlighting the need to combat abortion narratives.

One of the centers severely impacted by the funding cut is A Woman’s Concern in Lancaster, which receives $170,000 through Real Alternatives. 

Executive Director Jill Hartman recounts the challenges faced, including the timing of the decision coinciding with the construction of an addition to their building and the opening of a new Planned Parenthood nearby. 

The center had to adapt its model and make difficult financial adjustments.

Hartman’s impassioned plea during the center’s annual gala resulted in an outpouring of support, demonstrating the community’s recognition of the vital role played by Real Alternatives for over 30 years. 

Hartman emphasizes, “We know we are relevant in our community,” and refuses to be deterred by Governor Shapiro’s attempts to silence pregnancy centers.

Amidst the adversity, Hartman, a founding member of the Pennsylvania Pregnancy Wellness Collaborative (PPWC), remains committed to educating centers on legislation and resisting attempts to close their doors. 

The PPWC acts as a voice for pregnancy centers, dispelling misconceptions about their authenticity.

Shapiro’s decision not only affects funding but also jeopardizes a robust educational program that has been integral to the centers. 

Hartman stresses the transformative impact of this program, saving and transforming lives.

A Woman’s Concern Pregnancy Center had the foresight to prepare for potential cuts, setting aside reserves more than six years ago. 

Hartman asserts, “I refuse to be a victim,” showcasing the resilience and determination of these centers to continue their crucial work.

As Real Alternatives faces uncertainty, Bagatta requests support and prayers, stating, “Regardless of whether anyone donates for us or not, I ask that you please pray for us.” 

The organization’s motto, “empowering women for life,” resonates with the belief that love is an action. 

Advocates tirelessly demonstrating God’s love are the backbone of these centers, keeping the flame of hope alive.

Amid the challenges, Bagatta sees a potential silver lining. 

If government assistance is no longer received, the Gospel can be shared more freely, allowing counselors to openly pray with clients and discuss matters of faith. 

Bagatta concludes, “Maybe this is where God is leading us,” underscoring the enduring spirit of these centers in the face of political storms.

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