What this abortion facility owner is boasting about will have you seeing red

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The abortion industry is full of cold-blooded killers who treat ending the life of a baby like “just another day.”

Recently, one abortion owner boasted about the number of babies slaughtered under her watch.

But that’s not even the worst of what she said.

34-week-old babies slayed

Morgan Nuzzo started an abortion facility in Maryland, and she’s proud of her work to help women kill their babies.

But not only does Nuzzo’s clinic abort babies in the first trimester – they boast about killing babies at all stages of pregnancy – including the third trimester.

In an interview with States Newsroom, Nuzzo claims her clinic kills about 10 babies a week (40 a month) – and that the average age of an aborted baby is between 20-34 weeks.

When asked why they are seeing fewer late-term abortions, Nuzzo callously replied “I wonder if people aren’t finding us because they’re not going to places that refer to us. People don’t expect to need a later abortion, or an abortion after 28 weeks,” reported States Newsroom.

“And so I think sometimes when people are told that they’re further along in pregnancy, it’s just like, well, that’s the end. And maybe those referral lists aren’t getting into the hands of people,” Nuzzo added.

Promoting late-term abortions 

Nuzzo might be frustrated with Pro-Life laws saving the lives of unborn babies in other states – but she wants women to know her abortion slaughterhouse is more than happy to perform late-term abortions. 

“We’re doing our best to make sure that people know that people can still access later abortion care. It might not be legal in their state, but it’s certainly legal here in Maryland,” Nuzzo said.

Truly sick!

And barbaric.

Abortion is tragic at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy as it ends the life of a beating heart.

But to actually boast about killing fully-developed babies and act like it’s an honorable profession is downright horrifying. 

Underage abortions 

Nuzzo admitted she sees women of all ages – including children as young as ten-years-old.

“We see a lot of kids. A lot of kids,” Nuzzo said.

When asked about the risks of young patients giving birth, Nuzzo claimed younger people “have risks for things like preeclampsia.”

“We see folks up to 34 [weeks’ gestation], so we usually don’t turn those kids away,” Nuzzo added.

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the abortion lobby will be gunning to have late-term abortions available in all 50 states.

They won’t stop until abortion is available for everyone at all levels of a woman’s pregnancy.

And with pro-aborts like Nuzzo bragging about ending innocent life – there’s no telling how far the abortion lobby will go if Pro-Lifers don’t stop them. 

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