What this abortionist was busted for doing will leave you horrified

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Abortion is a horrific act that stops a beating heart.

And while the abortion lobby pretends they only advocate for abortion when it’s “medically necessary” – nothing could be further from the truth.

And what this abortionist was busted for doing will leave you horrified.

Sentenced to die for being a girl

It’s no secret abortionists are all about their bottom line – and at the end of the day most will kill an unborn baby for any reason . . . 

. . . even if it’s illegal.

When an abortionist doesn’t value human life – they disregard the barbaric and violent act of abortion and view it as a job. 

But for one abortionist – his payday has come to an end as his underground operation was just blown wide open. 

In India, a “doctor” was busted for committing 900 illegal abortions.

His abortions were sex-selective – meaning he aborted babies simply because they were female.

The Declan Herald reported the doctor slaughtered up to 20 babies a month for the past 3 years – simply because they were the “wrong gender”.

Absolutely heartbreaking. 

The underground operation

Police arrested abortionist Dr. Chandan Ballal and his lab technician Nisar.

The Times of India reported hospital manager Meena and receptionist Rizma Khan were also arrested.

Two suspects involved in the underground operation were arrested after they were busted transporting a pregnant woman to get an abortion.

They gave up information on the operation – and disclosed the secret location where an unauthorized ultrasound scan machine was being used. 

A senior police officer involved with the case said “Preliminary enquiry has revealed that in the last three years, the accused doctor along with his accomplices have managed to perform around 900 illegal abortions,” The Times of India reported.

Baby girls sentenced to die 

As horrifying as this story is – it’s happening all throughout Asia – especially in India in China.

It’s estimated around 13.5 million girls were aborted in India over the past 30 years, reported Live Action News

One woman who was forced into a sex-selective abortion claimed men want a son at “any cost”.

The desire for a son is so great, women are being forced to kill their babies – simply because they are female.

But sex-selective abortions don’t just happen in India and China – they are happening right here in America.

One callous abortionist in America admitted aborting a baby simply because the mother “wanted a girl” but thought she was pregnant with a boy.

As it turned out, the pregnant mom was actually pregnant with a girl – but the abortionist killed the baby anyway.

Until life is valued at conception, horrifying stories like this will continue to happen.   

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