What this Democrat legislator just called pro-life pregnancy centers will have you seeing red

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Pro-lifers are used to being bad-mouthed by the other side.

Those who fight for life have learned to steel themselves against the cruel and evil comments that can be hurled by the pro-choice camp.

But what this Democrat legislator just called pro-life pregnancy centers will have you seeing red.

In a gut-wrenching saga, pro-life pregnancy centers in New Jersey are under attack, facing accusations that threaten their very existence.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a liberal Democrat from New Jersey, has publicly labeled these centers as “brainwashing cult clinics.”

He claims they engage in deceptive practices, promote dangerous medical information, and fail to provide essential prenatal care.

But as the controversy unfolds, the truth behind these accusations is revealing a different story.

Gottheimer’s inflammatory comments have sparked outrage among pro-life advocates, particularly Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center and the New Jersey Consortium of Pregnancy Centers.

Eileen S. Den Bleyker, an attorney representing the Consortium, condemned the lawmaker’s actions, asserting that he had mischaracterized their essential services.

For over four decades, Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center has provided free, confidential services to women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies in Northern New Jersey.

Their primary focus has always been to offer essential support to underserved parents, honorably helping them navigate the challenges of parenthood.

The center has deliberately stayed away from politics, focusing instead on supporting families and growing their medical staff.

Recent reviews from grateful parents underscore the invaluable services provided by Lighthouse.

One mother expressed her appreciation for the sensitivity and support she received during her ultrasound, while another described the center as a comforting place during a difficult time.

These testimonials highlight the genuine care and assistance offered by these centers.

Despite Gottheimer’s claims, the centers have a proven track record of positively impacting the community.

Reviews reflect the compassion, understanding, and support that define their services, debunking the accusations of brainwashing and deception.

The controversy escalated when the state’s attorney general issued an alert against crisis pregnancy centers, casting doubt on their legitimacy.

Provencher revealed that attempts to engage in dialogue with the state were met with refusal.

The Consortium requested records justifying the state’s claims, but specific documents were denied, leaving them without a chance to defend themselves adequately.

In a surprising turn of events, a judge ruled in July 2023 that the state had wrongfully denied access to public records and ordered their release.

However, despite the lack of evidence supporting the allegations, the lawsuit remains pending.

Provencher expressed her willingness to meet with Gottheimer and address any concerns he might have about the centers, proving their transparency and candid approach to the unprovoked accusations.

The opportunity for an open dialogue could potentially bridge the gap of misunderstanding between the lawmaker and the pro-life community.

As this battle for truth and justice continues, pro-life Americans are standing firm, determined to protect the sanctity of life and defend the essential services offered by these pregnancy centers.

We hope and pray that these New Jersey centers are protected from the slander they are facing at the hands of their government and that their inspiring work will be able to continue, uninterrupted by the trials they are facing!

Pro-Life Press will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.