What this pro-abortion radical was caught teaching young women will leave you seeing red

Photo by Isaac Quesada from Unsplash

Every time a state sets boundaries about abortion, the pro-life movement celebrates. 

But on the other side of the line, pro-abortion advocates in these states devise troubling and illegal plans to circumvent state laws and allow abortions to continue. 

And what this pro-abortion radical was caught teaching young women will leave you seeing red.

One of these such plans was brought to light in an audio recording in which a Planned Parenthood employee can be heard lecturing teen girls on how to abort their babies. 

These shocking audio recordings made by journalist Emma Arns for Campus Reform have exposed a dark and dangerous reality on college campuses. 

A student group at the University of Tennessee, known as The University of Tennessee’s Women’s Coordinating Council, hosted a clandestine “Abortion Pill Training” event. 

The event, conducted by Maxine Carwile, a former Planned Parenthood employee, aimed at instructing students on obtaining abortion drugs, bypassing state laws protecting preborn children.

Carwile’s instructions were not only controversial but also deeply troubling. 

She asserted that learning self-managed abortions was essential because clinic-based abortions were now illegal in Tennessee. 

In her alarming talk, she repeatedly emphasized the utmost importance of absolute secrecy, advising attendees to trust no one, not even medical professionals. 

The chilling implication was clear: women undergoing these procedures must maintain silence at any cost, even at the risk of their own health.

The discussion took an even more sinister turn when Carwile warned against confiding in doctors, portraying them as potential adversaries. 

This shift in perspective contradicted the traditional patient-doctor relationship, turning medical professionals from caregivers into potential informants for law enforcement. 

Carwile’s guidance encouraged students to deceive medical staff, even when faced with complications or allergic reactions to abortion pills.

She touted the availability and accessibility of abortion pills online as a “beautiful miracle.” 

However, this perspective conveniently omitted crucial facts. 

Research indicates that the abortion pill is four times riskier for women than a first-trimester surgical abortion. 

Multiple studies have highlighted the physical and emotional trauma experienced by women who have taken abortion pills. 

Yet, Carwile seemed unconcerned about these serious risks, focusing instead on promoting the clandestine use of these drugs.

Furthermore, Carwile vehemently attacked pregnancy resource centers, referring to them as “the devil.” 

She discouraged attendees from considering Abortion Pill Reversal, dismissing it as a dangerous ploy by pregnancy centers to appear legitimate. 

Her disdain for these centers, which often provide support and alternatives to abortion, showcased a disturbing bias against pro-life organizations.

Carwile also encouraged students to circumvent the law by using secure web browsers and VPNs when ordering abortion pills online, citing a disturbing case where a mother was arrested for ordering abortion pills for her 23-week pregnant daughter. 

The account she shared painted a grim picture of criminal behavior, involving the disposal of a viable, late-term fetus in a horrific manner.

The consequences of Carwile’s rhetoric are deeply troubling, especially for college-aged girls seeking guidance and support. 

This revelation has ignited concerns among pro-life Americans, who fear the impact of such dangerous advice on vulnerable young lives. 

As the truth behind these clandestine abortion pill training events unfolds, the urgent need to protect innocence and safeguard the lives of the unborn becomes more apparent than ever before.

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