What this small church in the heart of Los Angeles is doing to save lives will leave you speechless

Photo by Aaron Burden from Unsplash

Los Angeles is one of the most pro-abortion cities in the world. 

But that isn’t discouraging some members of the community.

And what this small church in the heart of Los Angeles is doing to save lives will leave you speechless.

In the heart of bustling Los Angeles County, where the glitz of Hollywood often overshadows the stories of everyday people, Light of the Valley Church (LOTV) emerges as an unlikely hero, battling against the tide of abortion and offering hope to those in the darkest of circumstances.

Elizabeth Ledesma, a college student grappling with an unplanned pregnancy, found herself at a crossroads. 

In a city with three abortion clinics within a 1½-mile radius of LOTV, she initially believed abortion was her only option. 

Yet, in a miraculous turn of events, LOTV became the beacon of light that guided her toward life.

As Elizabeth shared her story, she revealed how a seemingly ordinary day in her Sociology class turned into a divine intervention. 

The professor’s discussion on family units and their impact on individuals triggered a moment of reflection for Elizabeth. 

The images of mothers with their children made her ponder the potential life growing within her. 

Little did she know that this moment would set the stage for a life-altering journey.

While working at the community college food pantry, Elizabeth encountered a stranger wearing a cross on her hat. 

A brief conversation led to an unexpected invitation. “If you know anyone considering an abortion, my church is hosting a screening of a movie tonight on abortion; please let them know,” the stranger remarked. 

The timing was nothing short of divine, and Elizabeth, moved to tears, recognized the invitation was meant for her.

That evening, at CC Mid Valley in Van Nuys, CA, Elizabeth attended a screening of the movie “Unplanned.” 

The powerful narrative unfolded before her eyes, revealing the harsh reality of abortion. 

Touched by the truth, she made a courageous decision to keep her baby. 

In the solitude of her room, amidst uncertainties and fears, Elizabeth prayed for salvation and found solace in the certainty that everything would be okay. 

Both she and her boyfriend were later baptized at LOTV.

Pastor Robert Shank, the senior pastor of LOTV, shared how the church, despite its modest size, has become a force for change in a community overshadowed by abortion clinics. 

In the face of three abortion clinics within close proximity, the church took a proactive stance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Monthly prayer walks became a catalyst for a pro-life movement within the congregation.

“We have seen as many as 60 women go in for an abortion in a single day,” Pastor Robert revealed. 

The church’s sidewalk counseling, characterized by compassion rather than condemnation, has become a powerful tool to reach women considering abortion. 

The police are called regularly, but the church stands firm in its right to peacefully advocate for life.

LOTV’s dedication to pro-life work intensified after a pastor’s prayer breakfast hosted by Open Arms Pregnancy Center. 

The keynote speaker, Seth Gruber, inspired the congregation to take more impactful action. 

The church also collaborated with Save the Storks, aiming to acquire a mobile medical unit for ultrasounds.

Despite facing challenges, including a sudden increase in rent, LOTV remains resolute in its mission. 

The congregation, though small, is undeterred, knowing that they are answering a higher calling. 

LOTV is not just a church; it’s a beacon of hope, a true light in the valley.

Elizabeth Ledesma, now eagerly anticipating the birth of her baby boy, Jack Nathanael, credits her transformation to the love and compassion she found at LOTV. 

In a world often overshadowed by darkness, Light of the Valley Church stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, compassion, and unwavering faith. 

Even in the face of adversity, miracles can happen, and lives can be rescued.

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