What this so-called “artist” just posted on Instagram about her pregnancy will infuriate you

In a chilling display of twisted ideology, one pregnant artist’s Instagram post has ignited a firestorm of debate.

The pro-abortion mob is more radical than ever before.

And there is no doubt once you see what this so-called “artist” posted about her pregnancy you’ll be infuriated.

Decked out in a provocative “Thank God for abortion” shirt, Emily Boyd Dahab (@dahabulous) took to social media on what she dubbed her “viability day,” challenging the notion that viability should determine the legality of abortion. 

In a scathing critique of the legal system, Dahab denounced the arbitrary designation of 24 weeks as the cutoff point for abortion, calling it “strange and arbitrary.”

But beneath the surface of Dahab’s rhetoric lies a dangerous distortion of reality. 

While she decries the so-called “arbitrary” nature of viability, she fails to acknowledge the inherent value and humanity of the preborn child. 

Viability, she argues, should not be used as a legal marker for abortion, advocating instead for unrestricted abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

Yet, Dahab’s arguments crumble under scrutiny. 

Contrary to her claims, viability is not a mere legal construct – it is a scientific reality. 

The preborn child, from the moment of conception, possesses inherent dignity and worth, regardless of arbitrary legal thresholds. 

To suggest otherwise is to deny the humanity of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Moreover, Dahab’s assertion that there is no functional difference between a preborn child at 23 weeks and one at 24 weeks is deeply misguided. 

Functionality does not determine humanity; every preborn child, regardless of gestational age, is a unique individual deserving of protection and respect.

Dahab’s elitist attitude towards pregnancy further underscores the ethical bankruptcy of her position. 

By labeling some humans as “wanted” and others as “unwanted,” she perpetuates a culture of discrimination and dehumanization. 

Every life, regardless of circumstance, is precious and worthy of protection.

Furthermore, Dahab’s claim that pregnancy is “torture” is not only misleading but deeply offensive. 

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful process, not a punishment to be endured. 

To equate the miracle of life with torture is to cheapen the profound experience of motherhood.

In the face of such egregious distortions, it falls upon pro-life Americans to stand firm in defense of life. 

We must reject the false narrative that viability determines humanity and instead affirm the inherent dignity of every preborn child. 

Let us unite in the fight against the culture of death and champion the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

In the end, viability as a determining point of abortion legality sends a chilling message: the more vulnerable you are, the more acceptable it is to kill you. 

But we refuse to accept such a twisted logic. 

Together, we will continue to shine a light on the darkness of abortion and fight for a future where every life is cherished and protected.

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