What this so-called “needs pantry” in Illinois is doing behind closed doors will leave you outraged

Pro-abortion radicals are more vocal than ever.

They don’t hide they’re clear disregard for human life – inside or outside the womb.

And what this so-called “needs pantry” in Illinois is doing behind closed doors will leave you outraged.

Dark truths lurk behind the so-called “needs pantry” at one of Illinois’ most notorious abortion facilities. 

While they claim to offer support to those in need, a closer look reveals a sinister agenda hidden beneath a veneer of false charity.

This pro-abortion clinic is using the needs of the destitute to encourage abortions. 

In a recent tweet, Hope Clinic boasted about their “needs pantry,” supposedly stocked with essentials like diapers and formula. 

But don’t be fooled by their seemingly altruistic facade. 

A peek behind the curtain reveals a chilling reality: these items are only available to their patients – women who have come seeking abortions.

Yes, you read that right. 

While women sit in the recovery room after ending their child’s life, they are offered snacks like Skinny Pop and Doritos, along with diapers and formula for the babies they have chosen to spare from abortion. 

It’s a twisted display of callousness and disregard for human life.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. 

A glance at their Amazon wish list reveals an even more disturbing truth: their highest priority needs are formula and baby diapers. 

It’s a grotesque juxtaposition – while children play happily in one room, smaller and more vulnerable children are being killed just down the hall.

And don’t think for a moment that any of their “services” come with no strings attached. 

The reality is far more sinister.

Instead of offering genuine support to struggling mothers, they exploit their desperation, affirming their decision to abort and offering token gestures like socks and snacks to sweeten the deal.

But there is hope amidst the darkness.

Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) stand ready to offer real help to women in need – with no strings attached. 

These centers provide vital resources like food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare, empowering women to choose life for their children without resorting to abortion.

In a recent initiative, Live Action partnered with Heartbeat International to distribute diapers to PRCs across the country. 

The response was overwhelming, with thousands of boxes of diapers delivered to families in need.

It’s a testament to the power of genuine compassion and support – something that abortion clinics can never offer.

So, the next time you hear about an abortion clinic touting their “charitable” initiatives, remember the truth behind the facade. 

Real help comes from organizations committed to life and love, not profit and deception. 

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