What Whoopi Goldberg just accused pro-lifers of doing to women will absolutely infuriate you

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Whoopi Goldberg is at it again, making outlandish statements and blatantly spreading misinformation.

Goldberg, like many in Hollywood, will stop at nothing to get abortion up until birth passed in every state in America.

And what Whoopi Goldberg just accused pro-lifers of doing to women will absolutely infuriate you.

In a fiery episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg took center stage, accusing anti-abortion advocates of “torturing” women by obstructing legal pathways to the procedure. 

And her reasoning is so bizarre, you’re sure to be scratching your head.

The federal appeals court ruling allowing Texas to ban emergency abortions ignited a heated discussion, shedding light on the intense legal battles surrounding abortion rights after the landmark Roe v. Wade decision was overturned.

Goldberg’s totally misinformed critique echoes the sentiments of other abortion advocates in Texas, who want abortions to be unrestricted.

The ladies of The View brought up the case of Kate Cox, as many have, to try to make the argument that she should have been able to receive an abortion, in spite of others with her baby’s condition surviving and thriving.  

Authorities in Texas desperately tried to spare the life of Cox’s unborn child, but she insisted on traveling outside state lines to proceed with an abortion. 

But, as pro-abortion advocates often do, The View ladies, including Goldberg, painted this in a different light for the American people, calling it “forced childbirth,” rather than the quest to save a child’s life. 

“So, they’re okay with forced childbirth even if it kills someone, because they’re so pro-life,” scoffed Goldberg, showing her lack of understanding on the matter. 

Goldberg has tried to claim that lawmakers who support pro-life laws are driven by a desire to exert control over women. 

Throughout her discourse, however, she fails to mention the torturous practices of abortion and the lives of the children they end. 

The discussion frequently referred to the plight of Kate Cox, trying to use emotional manipulation for viewers to agree with the points made by the impassioned, but frightfully ignorant, women of The View

“For me, it feels like this is just a power play. You want to make sure that you have control over somebody’s body, whether it kills them or not, and you don’t care whether it kills them,” Goldberg stated. 

Goldberg’s attempts to paint the pro-life movement as anti-women are poorly timed, as the March for Life, which takes place next week, has the mission of proving to America how fervently pro-lifers care for women and their babies. 

The emotional apex of Goldberg’s argument came when she accused proponents of allowing “torture” to happen. 

The use of such a charged term attempts to frame her opposition as actively participating in harm against women, which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

“She didn’t want to have an abortion. She wanted a baby! The baby is not viable. She doesn’t want to go through this, and yet you are sitting there allowing this torture to happen,” Goldberg declared.

Unfortunately, Whoopi Goldberg’s comments aren’t uncommon among abortion supporters. 

There is vast and blatant misunderstanding about the diagnoses that people think warrant abortion and a dangerous neglect of care for the true effects of these procedures, not just on babies, but on their mothers, too. 

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s overturning, the conversation around abortion rights has obviously intensified. 

Goldberg’s impassioned critique is just one voice in a larger narrative that attempts to pit pro-life values against a woman’s right to choose. 

As pro-lifers, we must continue to work to prove the damage done to women by abortion, so that more babies’ lives, as well as the lives of their moms, can be saved. 

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