When you hear what students at this university were being taught about accessing illegal abortions you’re bound to be steaming mad

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College campuses are known to push pro-abortion policies.

But at one University – things were taken to a whole other level as college students were taught how to access back-alley abortions – and lie to medical professionals.

And once you hear the horrific details of what students are being taught across the country – you’re bound to be steaming mad. 

Pop abortion drugs and keep your mouth shut

The University of Tennessee’s Women Coordinating Council wants to make sure students can abort their babies whenever they want – even though abortion is illegal in Tennessee.

So the group hosted an abortion training featuring Maxine Carwile from the radical nonprofit “Self-Managed Abortion; Safe and Supported” – also known as SASS.

Carwile told the students “It doesn’t actually say in Tennessee law the ending of pregnancy on a person’s own is illegal, but that doesn’t mean we should assume it’s legal either… [W]e consider this a legally gray area of just being very, very careful,” reported Operation Rescue.

But then she actually went on to instruct girls if they take abortion pills or kill their own babies to lie about it – and not let anyone know. 

“The most important thing on earth is if somebody does end their own pregnancy or help someone end their own pregnancy, that they keep their mouth absolutely, completely shut. Trust no one!” Carwile said.


Endangering women

Of course, Carwile didn’t talk about the danger of abortions gone wrong . . . 

. . . or warn women about the danger of abortion drugs.

Many women think abortion pills are a “painless procedure” . . . 

. . . but then find themselves on the floor in pain bleeding everywhere as their unborn baby is killed.

And to tell women who have pain to lie to doctors is truly endangering the lives of all girls.

Carwile said “I’m probably going to say like 50 times in the next hour, because it’s the most important point, um, medication abortion via pills shows up exactly the same as a miscarriage.”

She continued “The most important thing for anyone to know is to say over and over again to any medical professionals, family, friends, anyone at all, ‘I am having a miscarriage, I have a miscarriage…over, and over, and over again,” Operation Rescue reported.

Lying to a doctor about what drugs are in one’s body could end in death – but Carwile doesn’t care.

All she cares about is helping women kill their babies – regardless of how much a woman may suffer in the process.

The wicked pro-abort agenda

The abortion industry values the slaying of unborn babies above everything else. They don’t care about keeping women safe or protecting them.

And now, they are obsessed with targeting impressionable college kids to help them carry out their anti-life agenda.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman agreed and said “The fact that a public university and the culture in general devalues the lives of women – pushing them to recklessly endanger themselves, both physically and from a legal perspective — speaks of the spiritual condition of our nation.”

The abortion industry must be stopped before more babies and women lose their lives. 

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