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The abortion lobby is furious that Pro-Life Governor Ron DeSantis is committed to protecting unborn babies.

So, a group of radical left-wing pro-abortion extremists gathered together hoping to put the most anti-life amendment Florida has ever seen on the ballot.

And once you hear the details of what the abortion lobby is trying to ram through in Florida you are bound to be horrified.

The abortion lobby is trying to trick voters

A radical group called Floridians Protecting Freedom (FPH) hopes to give Florida voters the opportunity to vote on a state constitutional amendment which would allow for unlimited abortion.

The amendment states “no law shall prohibit, penalize, deny, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patients’ health, as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider.”

Notice “health” means whatever the patient’s healthcare provider decides.

Even more concerning, the amendment doesn’t even define a legal standard of viability.

Florida Attorney General seeks the Supreme Court for help

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody claims the term viability was left ambiguous on purpose.

Moody pointed out some people think viability means 12 weeks while others think it means 21-25 weeks when a baby can survive outside the womb.

The point is – even the most extreme pro-abortion supporters don’t agree on a specific timeframe.

Moody said “This initiative’s sponsor chose to utilize that frequently misrepresented and misinterpreted term. That choice was not a mistake,” reported LifeSite News.

“It was done to increase the chance that this provision will pass as polling shows that more Americans support abortion in the first trimester with that support significantly decreasing as pregnancy progresses,” Moody warned.

Moody filed a request with the Florida Supreme Court to reject the amendment stating “it does not satisfy the legal requirements for ballot placement.”

The battle for life in the states

Ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, the abortion lobby has switched gears and focused their efforts to ballot initiatives in the states.

They hope by turning Pro-Life states like Ohio and Florida into abortion havens like California that more states will follow in their footsteps.

Now more than ever, Pro-Lifers must understand the battle for life is not over – but it’s just beginning.

Those who want abortion will dump blood money into states to fool voters with bogus ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments deliberately designed to confuse voters.

DeSantis already signed a law in Florida banning abortion after a detectable heartbeat – but that too is on hold as the Supreme Court is weighing challenges to the previous law submitted banning abortion after 15 weeks.

Pro-aborts hope by clogging up the courts with frivolous lawsuits that women will continue killing their babies.

But thanks to courageous Pro-Lifers like Governor Ron DeSantis and his team – they aren’t willing to give up on the fight for life and will do everything in their power to protect unborn babies.

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